A journey that changed my outlook on life

A journey that changed my outlook on life

On the 18/08/18 I attended my first Reiki class. We got home-work at the end of that class. We were 4 women in the class: myself, 2 other ladies attending the class with me and our Reiki Master. One lady’s day job is a life coach, another is an animal healer and the last one is a psychic and then there was me- a dog groomer. Our home-work was to do healing on ourselves for 21 days.

That was the beginning of something new. After each night of self-healing I slept better and my way of coping with my business and the stress around me got a lot easier.

My creative side enhanced. I use to write while in school- instead of studying I would much rather write poems. But now I started to write poems again and even more- I created a book cover for my poems and set a date by when it will be finished.
I grew calmer and more relaxed as the 21 days passed. I became more mindful and more aware of what is going on around me. I felt like I belonged. That I was loved and here for a reason. I felt good and I knew with this course there is no doubt that I would receive the key to unlock what lies beneath.

I could look around me and feel in my heart the love and empathy and compassion towards fellow people. I could see and feel the hurt of this world. I started to care more and worry less.

I became more aware of myself and who I wanted to be. I started to research more about living a holistic life and the meaning of it all. On a spiritual level I woke up to a whole new world. A world where my soul found rest and my heart peace.

I am in a process of transforming and I can feel that my life purpose is busy aligning for something good and powerful. Every day that passes is a day of learning more about myself and see more clearly what I am destined to be.
I became more at peace with my life, my way of living and my situations. I let go of everything not serving me anymore. Disconnected some relationships not serving me and my family. I let go of anger, heartache and resentment. My life slowly started to transform into a living that suits me.

I became selective of whose company I kept. And wanted to be more in my close family’s company- my husband and children… And our animals. Their company was soothing to my soul. I started to do gardening- something I admired of someone else. I enjoyed planting vegetables and seeds and watched them as they started to bloom, it got me all excited.

My children pick up on vibes and emotions and they feel me and because I became more at peace and calm they did as well. It became easy to cope with day to day chaos.

By the end of my Reiki level I course I could see how I had changed- I felt different. My approach to certain things also changed. I could feel the love and acceptance for myself grow each passing day. I was looking forward to meeting up with my new friends. And much more looking forward to Reiki level II.

To my new friends and my Reiki Master I thank you with all my heart for your acceptance, love and support. For the guidance you offer. To myself: thank you for letting go of all the anger, fear, heartache, negative talk. Thank you for respecting yourself and opening up to awake in a whole new and different world. Thank you for the self-love and acceptance and the wonderful journey we are on.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my journey. Be sure to read my next article. Then my journey will continue with Reiki Level II. I am looking forward to the next level and experience.

Namaste beautiful souls

Nicolien Jonker

Nicolien Jonker is a 34 year old mother of two beautiful boys. She has been married for 8 years to her best friend and safe keeper. Nicolien is the owner of a mobile dog parlour, and writes in her spare time. She has had poems published in Facets of Life and All Aspects of Life. Nicolien recently received her Reiki level I certificate at Heavenly Healing. She is currently busy writing a book of poems with the eye on publishing it by August 2019.

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