Empath Survival Guide

Empath Survival Guide

Empath? More like ever-absorbing-sponge-of-emotion-and-trauma! Most people cannot even cope with their own emotions, so how can empaths even start to manage life with other people’s emotions affecting them as well? Well in this question lies the answer – affect. An experienced empath does not allow other’s emotions to affect them, and see their abilities as a blessing. How to reach this point you ask? Let’s see…

Surviving as an empath requires only four things: know yourself, protect yourself, love yourself and love others.

Know yourself:

The first step to being a functional Empath is knowing yourself. You need to take time to explore every part of yourself. Start with your body – become aware of all your physical aspects. Your posture, your alignment, your injuries, weak points, illnesses and facial features. Move on to your mind – become aware of your thoughts and mental patterns, your intellectual responses and your ego. Next, get to know your emotions – your range of emotions, your emotional reactions, your highs and lows and what triggers them, your heavy emotions and your wounding. Finally know your soul – explore the outreaches of your passions, your purpose and your origin as a star-being in this universe. What vivifies you? What sparks your flame? And what dims it?

The reason it is so important to know yourself so intimately as an Empath is so that you can easily identify when you are being affected by the emotions of another person and therefore separate yourself from the situation and deal with it accordingly. When you are not able to make this differentiation, you might end up absorbing emotions from others, leaving you feeling worn down or over excited and out of balance without being able to pinpoint where it is coming from within yourself in order to correct it – because it is simply not yours.

Protect yourself:

Now that you have gotten to know yourself, how you absorb emotions from others and what triggers your emotions, you are able to set up various layers of protection to prevent the emotions of others from being absorbed unconsciously into your energy and throwing you out of balance.

It is important to protect yourself on a daily basis and reinforce the protection as needed, depending on the situations you may find yourself in during the course of the day. You might be totally fine around home or going to the supermarket, but when you enter a busy shopping mall or a school gathering, you start feeling affected by those around you; then it is time to up the protection a bit. It is therefore very important to always remain conscious of your own emotional state (knowing yourself) so that you can identify when you need to increase your protection and when you can let your guard down a little bit.

There are various ways an empath can protect themselves; energy practices, visualizations, crystals, oils etc. Find which one or combination works best for you and make it part of your daily practice.

Love yourself:

Even though you protect yourself from the emotions and energy of those around you to ensure you do not absorb from others, working with your empathic abilities still ends up taking a toll on you as a human being. Having to feel, experience and guide people through their emotions is not an easy task. It requires high levels of energy, focus and concentration to navigate the expanses of another person’s emotions and help guide them through it in order to cope with their lives. During a session like that, you become that person and for that period their heaviness becomes yours. You may leave it behind when you part from that person and not absorb anything, but on a certain level, you have just gone through trauma and therefore need to tend to yourself as well.

Make sure you take good and regular care of yourself as often as possible. Eat well and sleep enough to keep your body energized. Meditate and take downtime to ensure your mind and energy gets to settle. Recharge your energy and fuel your soul to make sure you have the strength to continue taking care of yourself and others and finally – most importantly – focus and work through any emotional ups and downs you may go through first, before helping anyone else. Prioritize yourself! You deserve it. It is not selfish at all, do not get trapped in the lie that self-love and putting yourself first is selfish. After all, how can you be trusted to take care of others if you cannot even take care of yourself?

Love Others:

An inexperienced empath can easily fall into the trap of negatively judging those around them, because they get to see their true emotions and intentions behind every word and action. Now let’s face it, the world has more than its fair share of not-so-nice people, so can you blame them? Well to be fair you certainly cannot blame them, but it should at least be expected of them to remain neutral and unbiased as everyone is at different levels of soul evolution and deal with their wounding in different ways.

Equally, empaths often fall in to the trap of “rescuing” others. Getting involved in their issues without being asked or invited, offering their guidance and advice when it is not welcomed. It may come from the purest of intentions, but you cannot force help on to people. If they do not want it, it will not help them at all and might even make things worse.

The key here is compassion. Compassion is love in motion. It is a deep, loving understanding and respect for others and what they are going through. To understand them without pity or judgment. Understanding that when the moment is ready, they will seek the help and guidance they need.

By putting this survival guide into action, you will be able to navigate life as an empath as well as strengthen and develop your abilities – knowing yourself more, protecting yourself better, loving yourself more deeply and loving others unconditionally – remember, you have your and their lives in your hands.

Rian Sprigh

Rian has been studying the world of energy for the past 15 years and in the last 7 years he turned his focus to healing and has since studied many modalities. His spiritual path is as an Andean Solar Priest of the Order of Inkari from Peru. He has integrated the practices in to his everyday life, living conscious of the energy around him. As a healer, he focuses on assisting others to find their own power by being brutally honest with themselves and challenging their beliefs, so that they may become their own inspiration, master and teacher.

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