Drawing energy from others

Drawing energy from others

Vampires aren’t usually given a positive image. So imagine my shock when something with which I am very familiar drew very strong responses on social media.  It was being called many things, such as energy sucking and vampirism.  I didn’t really associate what I had experienced with the dramatic and disgusting thing that was being portrayed as, “energy vampirism.”

 energy sucking and vampirism

As a newly awakened person, I learned only by being with my source of energy, learning by connecting with a mentor.  As a master energy worker, they exclusively, “fed,” me.  I learned to connect for progressively longer periods of time to my mentor, and finally, directly to the earth.

I have repeatedly heard the idea that empaths should not become tired out, or draw energy from others.  This is very similar to the idea that happiness is optimism, instead of contentment.  No one can be high all the time.  If they are, it’s likely unhealthy.  The right intent leads, and action, choice, and outcome follow.  Rules can imprison us, and nullify the lesson.

We are all of us creatures looking to survive, possibly thrive, regardless of personal philosophy.  It is a literal fact that when we are born into the world, we suckle at the breast of our mothers and need caregivers.  It is nothing of which to be ashamed; the same is true when we are energetically awoken.

The newly energetically awakened need caregivers

Part of our paths as creatures is to continue on this journey.  When a person begins to see this Light in other people, they become more aware of other people in all ways, making the body, mind, and emotions work to balance with one another.

Some people at this point feel a certain kinship with meditation, crystals, ecstatic dance, or sometimes tarot, and psychics.  Anxiety complaints, pains, and sometimes digestive problems are also common.  Being awoken is not easy, not comfortable, and not at all pretty.  Unfortunately, many also self-medicate with processed foods, drugs, and use other people emotionally, energetically, and physically, because their boundaries can be rapidly shifting with self-knowledge.

The problem is that word.  “Awoken,” doesn’t have any inherent value more than unawoken, and it is not a value judgment.  It is a characterisation of the energy body’s reaction to its surroundings.  It’s very easy to forget that humans tend to create hierarchy based upon value judgments, particularly in groups.

 humans tend to create hierarchy based upon value judgments

This brings us back to why sucking energy isn’t disgusting or egregious but a natural reaction that energetically growing people have.

Generally, people go through continual awakening over their lifetimes.  Some are aware from day one that they are energetically linked and never lose sight of that gift.  Some, however, have incredible life turnarounds and become totally different people.

The common thread is that people awaken to a sense of kindness, awareness of others, and desire to express compassion.  This is inextricably linked to recognising the fact that we are part of One energy source, and feeling others happy means feeling happy as well.

But one usually does not have the energetic resources, tools, or the intellectual plan to put in place to heal large groups simultaneously.  Thus, one still keeps tripping over oneself to fill others’ cups without a plan, often on an individual basis, rather than one’s own cup.  Of course one will feel exhausted and sucked dry.

Always taking care of others without filling your own cup could leave you feeling exhausted

Who is teaching you to address your needs?

If you’re not seeking out someone to teach you, no one.

Hooking into someone’s energy, particularly if they are close to you in any way, can be tempting.  Doing this in a coffeeshop is much like a quick snack or drink.  Drinking deeply from a person you know well-often there is overt mutual consent-then you are most likely exchanging energy.  This can be sexual or not.  If you are being allowed to simply take, then it’s not despicable.  It is being released to you with love, and you are receiving with love.  This is should be done with responsibility, kindness, and gratitude.  The right intent is what matters.

Darkness is just as prevailing as Light.  It has its place in each interaction.  Learning how to use one’s Darkness as well as one’s Light is a talent.  Listening deeply, and feeling awash suddenly in emotions, images, and thoughts.  It isn’t one’s fault for not immediately having perfect control immediately.  One may feel like a sea anemone, grasping at anything that one’s energy touches.  Cultivating energy takes energy and focus, as does manipulating energy with intent.

becoming aware and using one's energy could leave you feeling like a sea anemone

Where is a newly formed being intuitively going to seek, when all of these forces come into play?  Babies don’t care if their food is marketed as organic, grass-fed Mama, cage-free human.  We certainly hope so, but a baby is not shopping around.

Drinking deeply from the Earth, sunlight, nature, crystals, sound healing, epsom salt baths, are healthy ways to restore one’s feeling of deep hunger while on the path.  The sun is accessible in many places, as is walking in some part of nature.  Buying epsom salts in the drugstore is also a easy fix.  Crystals become a common, “addiction,” for those with an interest in New Age; they are individual healers of vibration.  Sound healing is available for free on the internet.

These are fixes for a person who is aware of their hunger, and how to diagnosis it.  Those who are having their energy bodies awakened need nurturing, not punishing.  Part of teaching is guiding.  Guidance includes repercussions for both student and teacher.  The student and the teacher engage in a contract together.

The student and the teacher engage in a contract together

In order to successfully draw in new energetic beings, nurture, and begin guidance, nurturing has to be the primary approach to growing successful new energetic people.  Loving and allowing is not weak, and flexible strength is the basis of creation.  Earth itself is our Mother, and the template of continuous change, and we must take our guidance from the Earth.

All of us, eventually, guide one another.  It is our duty to one another, and the next step on the Path.

How did you first learn about drawing energy? How do you control and manage it? Tell us in the comments. 

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Katherine Wilson

Katherine Wilson is a poet, journalist, dancer, blogger, editor, and a former model. She is currently getting ready to release a book of poetry and a book of gratitudes. What she enjoys most about life is the friends she meets on the path. You can visit her at https://www.facebook.com/Infiniteharmonies/ and at: https://katherineamberwilson.wordpress.com/

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