Identifying as an empath

Identifying as an empath

Identifying as an empath…  Being seen as awoken.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Except none of us are.

The field of New Age promotes these terms in just the same way as baptism and prayer is promoted in other cultures.

The path of goodness and awakening is available to every person. Cultivating qualities such as integrity, kindness, and goodness is universally admired.  However, the difference between reaching for the cookie and making the cookie is very thin. You have to want to make the cookie, not continue reaching just because it makes you feel good, because you feel admired, or because you have trauma.

You have to want to make the cookie, not continue reaching just because it makes you feel good

Getting caught up in the a group’s values can unfortunately promote the unintended effect of desiring to remain at one level, to continue garnering praise, affection, and approval of peers, spiritual leaders, and even the belief that spiritual beings follow one system.  It is a human need to be accepted, particularly by a parent or authority figure. Continually reaching for that won’t ever fulfill that need.

We ourselves contain our own Divine beauty within, and part of the ultimate journey is to acknowledge this.  Accepting ourselves as Divine is part of our Divine Truth.

The tripping point for many people is the love and attachment formed to specific spiritual leaders, guides, or similar.  Releasing pain, attachment and what the ego says is important, is not easy. Letting alignment happen and receiving the joy in life necessitates clearing the pain.  Sometimes the universe decides for you what connections are going, and to continue receiving, you must be open to that. That includes connections to people you love, and habits you formed years ago.

The point of religions is to keep you fully vested.  Specific mentors, spiritual leaders, and similar may have human failings, and are prone to having reasons for wanting you to stay in their program, from ego boosts, to pocketbook boosts, and even true bonding, between student and teacher.

But it’s a long haul from an injured, anxiety-ridden, frightened, sometimes completely unaware person to emotionally regulated, spiritually in-touch, financially savvy, and open-minded chill human.  How does that occur? How does that even happen?

Let me tell you, cupcake.

The changes are choices.  That’s it. Choices.

Your journey is defined by your determination to change each part of you, and in what way.

The path is in you.  It will play itself out, but you also have to be ready and willing to engage.

The path is in you

One of the most necessary steps in positive empathic or ascended development is recognising beauty in others, as well as the self.  The two support one another. Seeing the highest good in others allows you to be the highest good, and do the highest good, and make the best choices.  You may have heard the term, “being on an upward spiral,” and simply making excellent choices often engenders that spiral.

Having a shamanic guide, a mentor, priest, a spiritual guide, etc, to aide your mission in becoming a beautiful person is never a bad idea, if your spiritual guide is trustworthy.  There are times you are going to have to spend alone, facing the dark portions of the self. Just knowing others are out there is a relief, which is what communities are for. Even if you are a community of two, that is a mental relief.

Even if you are a community of two, that is a mental relief.

However, it is good to remember that we are the ones with responsibility.  We bear the burden of our choices. Labelling each other as ascended or empathic is a double-edged sword, leading newcomers to a circle.  We are charged with not concentrating on deriving pleasure from those labels but using them to help each other continue making good decisions.

You are your Universe

The partnership is between the universe and us, placing choices in our hands.  Aligning events, and accepting energy when you’d like something. You are your universe, and there is no reward for being an empath (although it is a blessing) or ascended master, because we are One.  We are given choices, because we are always making choices consciously or unconsciously. Be conscious.

Be Conscious

Make choices with a light heart, and release the pain of being attached to validation, approval, and labels.  Receive the joy of your own making. You know best what you need and want. Accept these things, and give them to yourself without guilt or pain.

Receive the joy of your own making


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