The Root Chakra

The Root Chakra

In the next few articles we will be discussing the chakras, or energy centers of the body. 

First Chakra – the Root chakra.

It is very important to never be lax in taking yourself for granted.  A healing isn’t about being permanently healed but about learning you are alive.  A changing being, full of energy.

 A healing isn’t about being permanently healed but about learning you are alive.  A changing being, full of energy.

Perhaps some people out there felt the astrological transition to 2018-2019.  I remember the transition being forecasted as an energy-clearing one.  I spent much of 2018 preparing for the bumpy ride.  It did hardly anything to prepare me for what was truly coming.

I had a life reset.  I became homeless, I lost connection to my family, to food, clothing, shelter- to everything I owned or had, due to being in the crossfire of a misunderstanding.  What ultimately happened is: I needed, to reconnect, and to become grounded, to create my own security.

Sometimes we need to reconnect and to become grounded- to create our own security.

Meditating with two groups, I began doing service to an embodiment group.  The teacher suggested setting an intention for that day.  It was raining, and I was sleeping in my friend’s kitchen.  I felt so down and out.

I asked the universe for a home.  Security.  A foundation.  That day, while we were meditating, I felt a bright golden light go to a place in my root chakra that I had never felt enter that space before.  I meditate, and feel a golden cord of light in my spine often.  I felt this healing light enter the deepest part of me, down to the very bottom, and break free of the dark parts of me that had felt…hopeless.  Dark.

That evening, I got the staggering news that my friend was changing domiciles, indicating I would have to find a new place to live.  I was staggered and panicking.  I searched, anxious.  This is not what I asked for!  What would I do?

Being disabled, I need to be near to a certain area, because I cannot drive, so I need  to be able to walk to these places, or take the bus.

My root chakra healing is keeping the faith.

My root chakra healing is keeping the faith

What happened is that in two weeks’ time, I found a home, moved in, set up a Special Needs Trust with the residue of my retirement, and received word that I did in fact qualify for benefits from the government!

Needless to say, I did work for this healing.  Nothing happens without action.  Healing is about working for the self in order to accomplish good for the self.  That’s what I did before and after the shift these last two years, to make these shifts less traumatic.  I spent the last many months, working on myself, and worked very hard, focusing on my well-being.  It doesn’t make those times any easier necessarily, but it does ensure you are able to grab those blessing, and hold on to them, when they show up.

Nothing happens without action.

My friend helped me understand the necessity of chasing down the opportunity, rather than the more relaxed approach of absorbing feelings, ideas, and similar.  Circumstances breed opportunity, and healings bless those who ask with gratitude.

Circumstances breed opportunity, and healings bless those who ask with gratitude.

Ultimately my circumstances could be called luck–bad or good.  What you allow is what you let it be.  A blessing or a curse.  But I felt a healing physically as Light entering my body during meditation with another human being, witnessing it.  I prayed, sent gratitudes, and set intentions.  I also worked very hard.  What I felt in my body was a literal reception of Light cleansing my root.

What you allow is what you let it be.

My trust in the universe’s beneficence comes in part from these types of healing.  It gives and gives, until faith is born.

The universe gives and gives, until faith is born.

Next is the Second, Sacral chakra.

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Katherine Wilson

Katherine A. Wilson is a writer, content creator, and copy-editor. She meditates with with the Enlightened Teacher Samvara, who teaches students Job Yoga; Truth Burton of who shares Bruno Groening's wisdom; and co-strategises for Sensitive Women Empowerment, founded by Chani Jacobson, of, focusing on 5Rhythms-type embodiment, and an inner wisdom sacred art space. Katherine has epilepsy, loves animals, divine foods, and soaks up nature, including soothing afternoon sunbathing, particularly with a feline friend. What she enjoys most about meditation is the friends she meets on the path.

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