Forgiveness and Soul retrieval – Themes for May 2019

Forgiveness and Soul retrieval – Themes for May 2019

We went through a whole shebang of energies incoming, triggers being pushed and downloads and upgrades during the first three months of the year.  All done for us to purposely detach from the old and allow the new higher vibrational versions of us to step forward and live our passion and purpose now.

The theme that came through last night was forgive, bless and detach. 

I was guided to make a list of everyone and everything that has triggered me or came up during the first three months of this year and take one by one over the next week and do forgiveness.  A simple phrase but yet so powerful and very effective to detach from drama/trauma and bring yourself back to you.

Do Forgiveness

“I forgive you, I release you, I hold no un-forgiveness back, I am free and you are free.  I now clear all karma, all contracts, vows and agreements between the two of us.  I bless you on your journey and release you to the Love of our Creator.”

I forgive you

This for me is the final detachment phases we are going through so we can completely shift into the new 5th Dimensional energies and fully anchor and embody that in the now.  For some of us we are currently having one foot in 3D and one foot in 5D.  This means our highs are extremely yummy and our lows feel downright awkward.  If you allow yourself to walk consciously awake in every moment you will notice the awkward lows are where our soul is showing us what we are still entangled with and what we can release.  Notice it, release and detach and you will shift swiftly into the higher frequencies again.

The other part of this download was that after we have done forgiveness and detached we can call back our soul pieces and integrate them with so much love and grace.  Soul retrieval is a very powerful spiritual practice that heals soul loss.  Soul loss can occur whenever we have experienced trauma or physical loss, it’s the experience that an essential part of us is leaving and soul retrieval is the process of bringing back those parts of us that might be stuck in the past.  It’s a beautiful ceremony of wholeness.   Now go look back at the past four years of clearing that we, as a collective has been through.

Soul loss

Do forgiveness as a way of completely detaching from the past and bring back all parts of you that might still be stuck there.  Then feel the difference when you meditate, or when you manifest.  Next level is available to all of us and the bliss and ease of creation is our birth right.  Claim you wholeness, do your part in the physical and allow your soul to step forward in full force.

The bliss and ease of creation is our birth right

Soon we will all look back and say: “what an amazing experience this was, look how much we have grown”

From my heart to yours.

What have you had to work on forgiving in the past few months? Tell us in the comments below. 

Debbie Lohrentz

Debbie-Lynn, started her awakening journey from an early age and as most lightworkers out there chose a very difficult life experience from early on. Her main goal after school was to start working so that she could pay someone to help her heal herself. Her journey started as a self-healing process and she fell in love with the process of letting go and empowering herself through various different modalities. After 12 years of healing herself she was literally pushed by the Universe to do her very first healing on her neighbour’s little girl who was having an anxiety attack. She went from years and years of training and courses, never feeling like she was ready, to being out there in service to others in a blink of an eye, seeing how she was ready all along. She has been on a beautiful journey of healing and being of service ever since. She is a healer and she loves every minute of it. Debbie is a Reiki Master, Egyptian Sekhem Master, Celestial Shaman, Crystal Reiki Master, Angelways Teacher/Healer, Psychic Guide and Way-shower.

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