The Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra

My Solar plexus Chakra began manifesting what seemed to be dumb luck during mid-winter, while I was homeless, when I decided to meditate.  Unbeknownst to me, they are a meditation group that focuses on business in the Silicon Valley.  At the same time, I began going to free classes for something that sounded intriguing, Sensitive Women Empowerment.

I just wanted to make some friends and meditate in the area.  It sounded good.  I don’t know anything about tech or have a big thing about women’s interest, but both sounded kinda interesting.  I went to both.

The primal abundance does not come from grasping, but from allowing

What happened is that the founder of the group of Sensitive Women Empowerment mentored me by letting me exchange work for classes.  I began to meditate with my meditation group, and go to events in a large city with 2-300 people of my sangha mates and am learning the ropes of business, and may even gain a new career, while I learn about teamwork, networking, and impeccability in a business environment.  It’s quite exciting simply to witness companies that are made up of people who meditate together and are extremely successful, while also being peaceful.  It’s helping me learn balance and health in how I envision owning business, both ways, in single-business, or in a large company.  The compare and contrast are fascinating and valuable.

I have been guided to make good decisions and not ones that will benefit my teachers personally.  This is important to my sense of justice, and my world-view in general.  Keeping my options open to me now doesn’t mean not committing; it means always being willing to work with many people, and gaining information from many sources.

Being powerful comes from being open, and allowing energy to flow through the body.  The primal abundance does not come from grasping, but from allowing.  Being aware of and promoting the knowledge that there will always be more.

Being powerful comes from being open

Maintaining this is hard work, because humans love to tense up in anxiety.  Consistent meditation, breathing practice, sacred dance, and similar are ways to continue or persist in the connection. The solar plexus chakra is specifically associated with money, personal power, and confidence.  Feeling those can erupt in really weird ways.  Being egotistical or not having enough confidence as well, or lower back pain or kidney issues.

The solar plexus chakra is specifically associated with money, personal power, and confidence.

Often healing this chakra is linked to healing the heart.  I am finding that yes, I finally reached into loving, approving, validating myself last summer–but I felt powerless.  We’re not necessarily linear beings.  Until I felt able to say, “I am a Goddess, I am Divine,” I did not feel powerful.  I had never really believed myself until the first healing of my solar plexus chakra.  The last piece of the puzzle fit into my heart, and more power began flowing into me.

I am a Goddess, I am Divine,

I also began feeling more able to admit myself to myself.  To face myself as who I am, and to simply be.  Abundance comes, abundance goes, but I am me.  It’s ok.  Being anxious is a squeeze that ultimately ends in a grip that wards off all manifestation and confidence.

Abundance comes, abundance goes, but I am me.

This is the chakra in which everyone’s inner adrenaline junkie resides.  I admit that mine LOVES to ride the roller coaster of adrenaline.  I was for years a completely strung-out addict.

Finding the power in myself is accepting that I am in fact a woman, and accepting a beautiful Divine Feminine being.  Accepting that role in my life.  And celebrating her power.  Understanding that I do not need to be subjugate in order to have power, but simply Love and Allow.

This healing is moderation, and the illustration of the body, mind, and spirit to control itself.

The next chakra we will discuss is the heart chakra.

Tell us about your experience with healing your solar plexus chakra in the comments below. 

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Katherine Wilson

Katherine Wilson is a poet, journalist, dancer, blogger, editor, and a former model. She is currently getting ready to release a book of poetry and a book of gratitudes. What she enjoys most about life is the friends she meets on the path. You can visit her at and at:

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