The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra

Not a lot of people really talk about the chakra of universal understanding.  This is maybe because no one wants to talk about it.  It’s a touchy subject for some reason.  I’m not entirely sure why, but perhaps because ascension is exalted, rather than encouraged in society.  This creates a binary effect, and unfortunately makes it a “you/me,” rather than an “Us” which takes the sacred out of it.

This chakra is, “touchy,” literally for me because I am epileptic, and for me, controlling any energy in my crown and head is amazing, and feels incredible.  It could be dangerous and was dangerous when I first became epileptic at the age of 21.

Slow healing was the name of the game, particularly when I first had seizures all over the place, and I did not want my crown way over-stimulated.  But my healing energy work created a channel, and opening flow over a long period of time.  Ensuring that the lid didn’t blast off my energetic head created the space for slow, steady comprehension of dreams, synchronicities, and realisations.

I was lying outside, and I had a migraine.  I had my eyes closed, contemplating the universe, and I suddenly realised that I was the author of everything I was doing.  Not that I was taking responsibility or anything mundane like that.  But literally the Oneness of all, and ultimately, the loneliness of the nature of the universe, and that explained our individual consciousness…the universe was playing with itself.  Like a child.  Which made me burst out laughing.  Starry Goo.

 I suddenly realised that I was the authour of everything I was doing.

The ridiculousness of the universe and the seriousness of survival affected me.  I’m not sure if this is a healing, but it was an experience.  I do not take my life seriously anymore, although I take survival very seriously.  It’s hard to survive without levity.  I was homeless in the months following, and even then, without love, silliness, and the ability to reach that child-like unity of thought, I would never had survived.

It's hard to survive without levity.

Understanding others begins with the willingness to understand the self.  Making time to explore oneself, even to a fault, helps understanding others.  Because a greater understanding is not unreachable or even mystical.  What it comes from is exploration.  Mystics know this and are often amusing, loving, powerful beings, because they simply make the time to explore the condition of life and death.

Allowing Light to enter not only the base of the spine, neck, and brainstem, but also the crown was also significant in my whole-body healing.  Ensuring that my entire body receives light as I meditate is important, and it is why if I feel unbalanced, I do not hesitate to simply use crystals that call to balance me out, and I don’t ask others about how-to’s.  I listen to myself.  While this seems normal, it is, sadly, not.  Listening to the self is important, and can also be practiced.

 I listen to myself.

Using meditation or angel music and sleeping with crystals overnight really helped me get through to this point, and making the choice to meditate and continue healthy lifestyle choices daily.  I committed myself to emotional healing or spiritual healing in certain years, and this year seems to be a knitting of them together: a Crown chakra combination healing.

Understanding it requires commitment to spiritual practice. That is it.  I do not believe there is a prescribed way of achieving it, and nor do I preach it.

The healing for this chakra is humility.  The humility to subjugate oneself to a power greater than oneself and to connect the inner Wisdom to the Greater Divine, fusing the two.

I have learned that each person has their own healing, of course, and mine will not be yours, necessarily.  However, my healing is unique to my path, and whatever seeds I have sown, or perhaps have been sown in past lives, if you honour that.  I know that I certainly need the healing for humility and am grateful for this.

How have you experienced healing in your Crown chakra? Tell us in the comments below.

Katherine Wilson

Katherine Wilson is a poet, journalist, dancer, blogger, editor, and a former model. She is currently getting ready to release a book of poetry and a book of gratitudes. What she enjoys most about life is the friends she meets on the path. You can visit her at and at:

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