Crystals – they are my dear friends

Crystals – they are my dear friends

Crystals are almost every empath’s addiction.  In fact, I admit today I spent two hours and thirty minutes in the bookstore, flipping through a crystal healing book, just absent-mindedly enjoying myself after meditation with the group.  The crystal store had closed for the day.  Thank goodness.  So had my pocketbook!

While my family calls me woo-woo, my crystals are my dearest friends.  They vibrate at the rate I need.  They are like an adult’s stuffed animal, in some ways.  Like the hippy phrase, “we vibe, man.”

While my family calls me woo-woo, my crystals are my dearest friends.

Being attracted to a stone isn’t always a soft and fuzzy path, though.  Sometimes there are feelings that really need to come out, and that stone, like it or not, helps you release.  People do that, too.  A stone does it with celerity that human relationships just doesn’t contain.

One stone that reminds me of this, “quick-and-everything,” approach is green malachite (like these beauties here).  Used without being completely prepared for, malachite can be very intense for the heart chakra.  They should be used with a more soothing stone like rose quartz to, “hug,” the person, in case too many emotions tumble out.  It is very effective at draining the heart of any negativity.  But every release must be used carefully.

Green Malachite is very effective at draining the heart of any negativity.

This is what is most interesting about crystals for me.  Without a central nervous system, they are alive in the vibrational sense.  They react differently to each person, having a different relationship with each person.  They play hide and seek, crack for no obvious reason, and make their way into another person’s life when the time is right.  Crystals are direct reminders that Love is everything…that we are One.

Crystals are direct reminders that Love is everything...that we are One.

Due to this inherent inability to speak or be perceived as human, many outside the New Age community see them only as pretty toys.  There is some argument about whether the healing comes from the person perceiving them as healing or the stone itself.

I believe in both.  Creatures all have the innate ability to align with the vibration of Love and wellness.  That is obviously not possible in some medical cases, and completely ridiculous to suggest in others.  However, gems do emit vibrations, just as other things on this planet do.  The conclusion is that we combine ourselves in healing together, in Love and Light frequencies.

Perceiving one another even, and perhaps especially, as an object, with respect and love, gives and reflects Love.  Maybe this is why children are full of energy, which adults then attempt to reclaim all their lives.  This one truth is hidden, again and again.  Pretending isn’t pretending as a child.  It is actually giving back to a world that is free, just as you are.

It is manifestly not pretending but reflecting the perception of oneself... as the beauty as ourselves... as the beauty we deserve.

The ultimate, universal truth is Love.  Perceiving oneself and others with pure, innocent kindness and Love sends that vibration out into the universe.  It is manifestly not pretending but reflecting the perception of oneself… as the beauty as ourselves… as the beauty we deserve.  Encouragements of physical beauty and reflections of our own beauty enable this alignment.

Whatever draws us to a particular crystal, that vibration can be reclaimed within, aided by the crystal’s unique vibrational reminders.  It’s like the best buddy, giving you notes on your silly behaviour at recess.  They are guides, steady healers, and reminders on our path.

Crystals are our guides, steady healers, and reminders of our path.

Used in tandem with one another, they are powerful healers, and are channels of energy as all beings are.  Crystals can channel sound, light, and prefer different cleansing methods depending upon their makeup.  They are just like pets in this case, and need special care in that they need cleansing, charging, and one may expect them to react differently, should they not be cared for properly.

Some of the easiest ways of cleansing are sound cleansing or saging.  Both are easy and relatively inexpensive.  Full moon baths are often effective in charging your crystals.  Sunshine baths can cleanse some crystals but others do not like sun at all, so always check which do and do not like sunlight.  Water also dissolves some crystals, which is not a desired effect.  An alternative for some is burying your crystals in soil, but again, this could be dangerous if too much moisture occurs or your memory fails you.

Befriending beauty and surrounding yourself with vibrationally safe items is a good thing, contrary to popular guilt and shame.  Rather than recommending consumerism, I recommend following the heart and the healing that calls to your very soul.  What you listen to is not only yourself, but the fabric of the universe.

True beauty of the universe recognises itself in one another, and that is about Love.  Re-aligning your true self to Love.  Crystals are your self in eternity, and allow yourself to Love your self, in infinite vibration.

How do you use your crystals? Tell us in the comments below.

Katherine Wilson

Katherine Wilson is a poet, journalist, dancer, blogger, editor, and a former model. She is currently getting ready to release a book of poetry and a book of gratitudes. What she enjoys most about life is the friends she meets on the path. You can visit her at and at:

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