Use your spiritual tool kit

Use your spiritual tool kit

Over the past couple of years we have gained a wealth of spiritual tools that assisted us in our clearing and healing journeys.  We have perfected them through our dark nights of the soul journeys and this is the time for us to consistently use our spiritual tool kit to fly through the quickened ups and downs of this year.

Consistency and staying in the now is the name of the game right now.  Observe what is playing out in your reality as your soul is always guiding and showing you what needs to be released or where you need to take a next step to fulfill your purpose here.  As you might have noticed the energy has quickened up and we are being asked to shift from not just doing your practices morning or evening but every minute of your day, this is how we will clear and detach in the moment from what is not serving us anymore or to go for that opportunity that we have been praying for.

We are being asked to shift and detach

My spiritual tool kit consists of breath-work, forgiveness, blessing and detaching, clearing statements, meditation, yoga and healing.  What do you have in your spiritual tool kit that you as a soul has perfected over the last 4 years?   We are going through a phase of final detachment we are constantly being shown where we are still attached to a person, place or situation that is not serving our highest good. Use your spiritual tools to detach and the final step will be to act in the physical and put down that boundary or release.  Staying connected and walking hand in hand with the support of your teams in spirit and your Universe is how we ease through this process.

I remember a time when I really didn’t have a lot of faith and a phrase popped into my head: “you can ask for anything, why don’t you as for help with that” so I started saying:  “Creator borrow me some of your faith now” or “Creator borrow me some of your confidence now” and slowly over the years I have learned to hold the energy of faith and confidence myself.  We can ask for anything and everything that we need help with, the key is to keep your connection and keep asking and then gift yourself 10 minutes every evening of quiet meditation to listen and receive guidance.

slowly over the years I have learned to hold the energy of faith and confidence myself.

We tend to make life so complicated yet if you have felt the flow of life and love (and we all have) we tend to feel it’s so easy….choose where you want to invest your energy, use your spiritual toolkit, ask for help and receive it daily and life will flow with magnificent love to support you on your soul journey.

choose where you want to invest your energy

May your journey unfold with so much ease and joy that you will be in awe at how easy and fun it actually can be.

May your journey unfold with so much ease and joy that you will be in awe at how easy and fun it actually can be.

From my heart to yours.


Debbie Lohrentz

Debbie-Lynn, started her awakening journey from an early age and as most lightworkers out there chose a very difficult life experience from early on. Her main goal after school was to start working so that she could pay someone to help her heal herself. Her journey started as a self-healing process and she fell in love with the process of letting go and empowering herself through various different modalities. After 12 years of healing herself she was literally pushed by the Universe to do her very first healing on her neighbour’s little girl who was having an anxiety attack. She went from years and years of training and courses, never feeling like she was ready, to being out there in service to others in a blink of an eye, seeing how she was ready all along. She has been on a beautiful journey of healing and being of service ever since. She is a healer and she loves every minute of it. Debbie is a Reiki Master, Egyptian Sekhem Master, Celestial Shaman, Crystal Reiki Master, Angelways Teacher/Healer, Psychic Guide and Way-shower.

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