Success – What does it mean to you?

Success – What does it mean to you?

It means different things to different people, just as love is a different echo inside each individual.  For some, holding on to property means everything.  For their counterparts, letting go is the realisation of it.

Success means different things to different people

These individual reactions are called wounds.  A core wound is the blueprint of the soul’s innermost trauma.  The sum of the individual wounds in each person creates a unique inner world that expresses itself in the body as well.  Healing that is success. You can find a core wound healing meditation here.

Stability of Spirit is success.  Whatever the physical embodiment means to you, the spirit’s subtle voice asks for harmony of the body, mind, and soul.  Bringing that to bear is the success of the Self.

It’s bringing them – you – together into harmony of mind, body, and spirit that is most difficult.  For example, even simply choosing junk food, rather than healthier options, is creating instability for the body.  It may seem ridiculously simple, but cultivating the self’s harmony, instead of deliberately causing oneself pain is what makes the difference.  Each small choice on the road to stability adds up to success.

Each small choice on the road to stability adds up to success.

Making good choices does not always come easy, but sometimes it can be as easy as buying a banana, instead of a candy bar.  Being kind to the self is learning that there is always a choice.  The next step is changing one’s outlook and responses so that discipline to do right thing, being kind to oneself, and creating harmony, no longer feels like suffering or deprivation.

One has to allow success to come into one’s life.  Resisting right opportunities means resisting one’s true harmony.  Understanding this key knowledge is to honour the universe’s principle of unity.

One has to allow success to come into one's life

True harmony comes from listening to the self instead of other people.  We’re assaulted by ads and advice, friends, or online.  Listening to others, instead of the self is tempting.  What is guidance, and what is honouring the self?  It can be confusing and overwhelming.

So what IS the right opportunity for you?  Listening to your intuition by journaling or making art by yourself, writing down your dreams, and being guided by yourself is the best way to discover this.  Then the outer experiences become more obvious, as you understand them a part of yourself.

To discover what success means to you, listen to your Self.  And buy the banana.

True harmony comes from listening to the self instead of other people.

Another essential of success is recognising the transience of it.  Instead of being overtly morbid or even rather fey, neither is the case in this philosophy.  Simply enjoying the moment is fine.  Doing one’s best to be humble in giving thanks, and enjoy the lessons and the graces given.  Allowing for, and enjoying the impermanence of the moment is a success.

Ultimate success is casting off the mask, and joyously realising there is nothing wrong, no wound at all.  Integration of the Self as a whole, the acceptance and unconditional love of the new Self.  Coming through the journey, celebrating the failures and problems on the way, because they gave more than the smaller successes did themselves.  This comprises a larger success.

Celebrate the failures and problems on the way

Finally, I have reached stability, even success.  My specific successes are different from yours, perhaps, and most definitely the physical, mental, and spiritual harmony I attempt.  But everyone is human, and each of us continually strive to achieve very similar ends.  Our unity permeates society, friendship, and the most basic needs and essences.  Giving way to that beautiful Truth allows for a spiritual success in its own right, rooted in the most basic actions.

To release wounds does not mean to deny that they have ever been there.  The success of unifying and integrating oneself is the full embracing of the self, even the nitty-gritty, so-called ugly parts.  Being able to give way from a place of power, and learning how to flow and release the pain is the success, instead of repeating the victim cycle. (Here is a great meditation to release the victim mentality.) Mastering the self and its reactions is the win, for the self, and for each person you meet on your path, for the rest of your life.

To release wounds does not mean to deny that they have ever been there.

Being successful is being yourself.

Being successful is being yourself.

Katherine Wilson

Katherine A. Wilson is a writer, content creator, and copy-editor. She meditates with with the Enlightened Teacher Samvara, who teaches students Job Yoga; Truth Burton of who shares Bruno Groening's wisdom; and co-strategises for Sensitive Women Empowerment, founded by Chani Jacobson, of, focusing on 5Rhythms-type embodiment, and an inner wisdom sacred art space. Katherine has epilepsy, loves animals, divine foods, and soaks up nature, including soothing afternoon sunbathing, particularly with a feline friend. What she enjoys most about meditation is the friends she meets on the path.

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