Self-Healing for Empaths – Part 1

Self-Healing for Empaths – Part 1

It is pretty obvious to an Empaths that people are mainly unaware of their own feelings and emotions; that most people mindlessly live without depth of meaning.  From what I can see, these people are just asleep and unaware that a deeper connection to their own inner knowing is required to find true fulfillment in life.  They are distracted, busy and asleep. This was me for 40 years of my life.  Don’t get me wrong – I still functioned and lived a seemingly good life, but there is no comparison between the me of today and the me that was asleep!  The last five years of being awake have been challenging indeed.  Yet, I am immensely grateful for the new me birthed from those awakening experiences. Here is an amazing Awakening Bundle program that consists of 11 MP3’s of 1.5 hours or longer.

As Empaths, we are quite aware when an individual is devoid of happiness or uses masks in their everyday world.  Empaths feel and know more than the average person when something is amiss in the life of another individual.  Most of us love the gift to sense and know more than the rest.  What happens is that we Empaths lose sight of our own self because we are so intrigued and distracted by others.   This happens so easily because the inner Empath feels great connection, reward and value when using their gifts to help others.  In the meanwhile, we are kept too busy with a priority to others with no meaningful time spent knowing our own inner Self.

My point in writing this article is to direct each of us individually to focus our time and attention on a relationship with self and our own personal journey.  I am talking about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual awareness!  We Empaths are the first awakening to higher consciousness and must learn there are energetic layers within each of us individually that require healing.  Healing leads to change of our Self.  We need to stop being distracted to use our precious energy to help others so that we can focus on our Self.  This is very important!!!  Focusing on our self-healing means we strengthen our auric fields and change the dynamics of our lives.  The end goal is truly to heal our Self so we can truly help others by mirroring higher consciousness on the planet.

I say ALL of this from my own knowing and my own journey that began five years ago.   It is a given that we all have a story and challenges in our lives.  Most importantly, the Empath is gifted with the ability to feel and heal others.  In order to truly heal others most appropriately, we must transform.  Transforming means we clear, cleanse and heal all wounds within us.  We are healing wounds that came from this life and prior lives. Here is an amazing meditation to heal ancestral wounds.  And, these wounds will be easily seen as they will be affecting our lives today.

What are these wounds we are trying to heal?

The wounds show up in how we think, feel and lead our lives.  The wounds show up in our judgements and our fears.  The wounds show up in our emotional reactions to people or events.  The wounds show up when we experience depression and anxiety.  The wounds show up in what we create, our relationships and how we live our day-to-day lives.

Whether we realize it or not, and whatever the situation happens to be, it is our attitudes and beliefs that shape our way through life.  We choose based on these programmed (some conscious and others unconscious) ways of thinking.   

Most people are not truly aware that their thinking is programmed.  We are NOT our thoughts!!   Learning to see our thoughts as a part of us, but not us is a very important.   We then realize that quieting the mind or thoughts is a requirement for us to fully connect to our inner SELF.   Also, we are not our emotions!!  Our emotions are triggered by our thoughts – conscious or not. You see, it is a circle that begins with thoughts!!  Thoughts are very powerful!  Thoughts and their emotions are actually carried forward as emotional and mental imprints upon us from one lifetime to another.   The challenge for us truly is that our thoughts are fairly automatic and happen at lightning speed.

Below is the norm and my summary of “Humanity’s Way” for us to note:

“Most people seem to lead their lives based on the avoidance of some perceived fear OR always with an element of expectation.  Fear paralyzes and expectation most assuredly results in disappointment.  Additionally, many of us operate with closed hearts to protect us.  Others have beliefs that are laden with judgements, self-doubt or worse.  Any and all of these ways we function do not help and essentially hurt us.  And yes, there is more to this puzzle.   ALL of this craze is at play here while we function in a human body. “

Is there a better way to function?  Yes and absolutely.  

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Michelle J. Howe

MICHELLE J. HOWE is the founder of Empath Evolution. She steps into the world as “the Wise Empath” – an Awakening Speaker, Evolutionary Guide and a Master Healer. Michelle shares her passion, wisdom and study of life as an energetically sensitive soul. She is a graduate of the Orin & DaBen Awakening Light Body Program and is certified as a Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapist, Soul Detective Therapist and Metatronic Healer.

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