An Empath’s Gifts

An Empath’s Gifts

I am actually sitting on this for a minute because I know many Empaths are struggling to see the gift in the abilities they possess. But, let me lead into this information with a basic understanding of the word “gifts.”

We have the five traditional senses most of us utilize on a daily basis.  Although sensing in traditional ways – hearing, tasting, smelling, touching, and seeing are part of being human, there are additional and deeper – natural senses available to those who connect to feel and know at subtle energetic levels – these are the Empaths.

These other sensory gifts or abilities are unseen and unknown to most of the world.  These are psychic or special abilities coming to us as gifts of being Empath.  These natural gifts are not mainstream news – not yet.

In our history, most of those gifted beyond the traditional senses have been given different names.  Labels used to describe gifted folks were witches, gurus, seers, shamans, psychics, mediums, etc. These gifted individuals understood life from a different perspective and often tapped into the dream world, using their hands for healing, tapping into new methods to heal and basically were different from others.  Because of society and the negative perception, fear or misunderstanding of these abilities, most times they stayed quietly in the background.

In this wonderful day and age, it would appear we can speak, learn and share more openly for the most part.  We are still NOT mainstream news because most others are not yet awake to confirm, substantiate or experience the same reality.

While many of us are still quiet because we do not understand or we fear the judgment of others there is a fair amount of us Empaths gaining strength to speak!!

There is in fact a growing community of gifted Empaths and others that are fully confident they have NOT lost their marbles and are in fact getting more clarity and understanding on a daily basis.  These brave souls are embracing, learning and understanding things on a whole different level and I am proud to be one of them!  This is FANTASTIC news!!!!

I promised a to give a broader understanding of the gifts and then skills available to Empaths.

First off, we are born Empaths.

Some of us are born awake and struggle to fit in with the rest of the world – we know full well we are different.

Others are struggling in a variety of ways and yet, totally unaware of the special way they connect to the world. I am one such example of a sleeper and totally unaware.   My struggles seemed ordinary and normal – until the intensity went up enough to rock me awake! That wake up – an awakening experience – was what started the beginning of a new journey for me!

Below is a list of basic and advanced gifts in being an Empath –

*Understanding, feeling or knowing others at a deeper level.

*Hearing or seeing spirits and guides.

*Sensing or reading energy.

*Feeling the physical or emotional pains of others.

*Seeing things that will happen in the future.

*Dreams that are past life recall.

*Experiencing astral travel.

*Projecting our energy out to others.

*Channeling higher consciousness in writing or speech.

*Feeling the energy of kundalini activated and soaring.

*Seeing auras, orbs, dark spirits or light spirits.

*Merging our energy with others is the special soul-to-soul connections.

*Hearing dark and/or light spirits.

*Feeling an incredible love for humanity.

*Seeing or feeling our third eye.

*Feeling our crown chakra.

*Experiencing ascension symptoms.

*Feeling energy surges and activation of our chakras.

*Tapping into a higher knowledge.

*Being able to see or sense energy blocks in the physical body.

This is a full and expansive list of what is possible out there – to present itself to you in your life. Please keep in mind that nothing comes for us that we cannot handle! Your best choice is to step forward – embrace and learn about your unique journey!

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Michelle J. Howe

MICHELLE J. HOWE is the founder of Empath Evolution. She steps into the world as “the Wise Empath” – an Awakening Speaker, Evolutionary Guide and a Master Healer. Michelle shares her passion, wisdom and study of life as an energetically sensitive soul. She is a graduate of the Orin & DaBen Awakening Light Body Program and is certified as a Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapist, Soul Detective Therapist and Metatronic Healer.

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