Different kinds of Quartz.

Different kinds of Quartz.

While clear quartz is what generally comes to mind when we speak about quartz crystals, this crystal comes in a variety of colours each with the properties of clear quartz as well as their own, unique properties.

Rock Crystal or Clear Quartz is the pure, clear quartz that holds all the properties listed in the article below. It amplifies the energies of other stones or groups of stones, making them great for gridding. Throwin Stones have some beautiful Clear Quartz pieces here.

Amethyst is a purple crystal. The colour of this crystal ranges from pale purple to a deep violet. Amethyst represents royalty and spirituality and is the crystal of creativity. Amethyst also helps to achieve deep meditation.

Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine. It is often called the ‘stone of the muses’ and connects your spirituality with your action. It is also a good stone to use to overcome fear. Take a look at the Amatrine that Throwin Stones have.

Aventurine can be blue, green or reddish-brown with a metallic shine. This stone is used for leadership, prosperity and optimism.

Blue Quartz is clear quartz with small blue inclusions that create a pale blue-coloured stone. Blue Quartz is used to bring harmony and order, mental clarity and eases fear.

Citrine is transparent and pale to golden-yellow. This stone increases the powers of personal will and manifestation while increasing imagination.

Milky or Snow Quartz (Quartzite) is opaque-white. It helps with lesson learning, realising limitations and helps one to be tactful.

Pink Quartz is rare and usually found in clusters ranging from pale to dark reddish-pink. It can be opaque or translucent. Pink Quartz promotes self-love and respect for others. It is often described as the ‘stone of innocence and discovery’.

Rose Quartz can be large stones, like Pink Quartz it can be pale to dark reddish-pink, clear or opaque. Rose Quartz is the stone of love and beauty, it promotes calmness, compassion and appreciation. It is often referred to as the love stone.

Smoky Quartz is transparent with a smoky brown to dark grey colour. It is used for grounding and dissolving emotional and environmental negativity. Here are some pretty Smoky Quartz pieces.

Tiger’s, Hawk’s and Cat’s Eye are layered with strips of asbestos and hornblende. While Tiger’s Eye is golden brown, Hawk’s Eye is blue-black, and Cat’s Eye is green to green-grey. These crystals promote with action, pride and protection. They are powerful tools to reflect others’ negative energies back to them.

Agate is striped layers and shapes in different colours. It is good for create self-acceptance as well as to stabilise and strengthen.

Carnelian is see-through ranging from pale orange to deep, reddish-orange. It helps with endurance, leadership and courage.

Chalcedony comes in different colours and patterns. It is often called the ‘speaker’s stone’ as it helps you to choose your words carefully and assists with making peace. Chrysoprase is a variety of this stone with powers to promote hope, fidelity and love of truth.

Onyx is an opaque black, brown or grey stone. It can also be black and white or red and white. It promotes inner strength, stability and fortitude.

Flint is brown, black or grey. It is a wonderful grounding stone that increases understanding, communication and integrity.

Jasper is found in all colours, it is opaque and usually have layers or patterns. It is a powerful nurturing stone, sacred and protective. In cultivates humility and compassion.

Bloodstone or Heliotrope is dark green with red spots. Considered the stone of the sun and holding Christ’s blood, this stone is good for healing, idealism and selflessness.

These are only some of the stones that make up the Quartz family. Each has their own properties which can easily be amplified by using clear quarts or creating crystal grids.


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