How to cleanse and program your crystals.

How to cleanse and program your crystals.

Crystals not only vibrate at a certain frequency, but they also absorb energy. Therefore, it is important to cleanse your crystals regularly to remove any negative energy that they might have picked up. You will definitely want to do this if you have just received a new crystal. Have you read this post of crystals that becomes your friends?


Cleansing your crystals only removes any negative energy or energy that no longer serves you, it keeps the natural vibrations and energies of the stone intact. Here are a few ways you can cleanse your stones:


  • Leave them to soak in salt or sea water for 24 hours – even better during the full moon with the moon shining onto the container (clear glass if possible). But remember that not all stones are happy to get wet so do some research on this first.
  • Leave it outside in direct sunlight from dawn until midday.
  • Bury it in the earth for 7 days or longer.
  • Place or hold the stones in or under running water. A natural source like a river or stream is best but tap water will do in a pinch. Crystals with points should be held so that the point faces the direction in which the water is flowing to allow the negative energy to be washed away by the current.
  • Place them in a glass container with rice or salt (sea salt is best) for a few days.
  • Surround your stones with white and golden light from your Third Eye chakra.
  • Soak them in sage tea.
  • Blow on your crystals.
  • Pass your crystals through the smoke of incense or a dried herb bundle while stating the intention or purifying your stones. Sage, cedar and sweetgrass are usually used for smudging and removing negativity (there are some really pretty smudge sticks here). San Pedro and imphepho is also powerful cleansing material.
  • Place your crystals in a geode for a few hours or over night.


Remember that your crystals are all as unique as you are, and that one method might work better for one stone while a different cleansing method might be needed for another. Sometimes the negative energy can be cleared from crystals in a few minutes, sometimes it takes hours, days or even weeks. It depends on how much negativity was absorbed.


Whichever method you chose to use is completely up to you. Use your intuition to guide you and you cannot go wrong. The same goes for how long it will take to cleanse your crystal. You will feel the difference when it is cleansed and ready to be used.


So, how do you know your stones need cleansing? You will feel it. Stones give off a subtle but perceivable vibration. When you no longer feel its healing energy, or it starts to feel ‘ordinary’, dull, lifeless or dusty even, then it is time to cleanse it. After cleansing your stone, you can hold it in your receptive hand (the opposite hand from your dominant hand). If the vibrations of the stone feel normal it means that it is cleansed. If something feels a bit off it means you need to do more cleansing. This might be a very faint feeling when you first start working with stones, but you will soon learn how to tune into it.


You will also know if a stone needs cleaning if it actually emits negative energy or vibrations. If it is used for healing it should be cleansed between every healing session. You might also want to cleanse your crystal after it was being handled by someone else.


Stones that have been used in negative magick should always be cleaned thoroughly before being used for anything else.


Charging your stone is a way to program it with a specific energy in addition to that which it already holds naturally.


Charging works especially powerfully if done on the first night of the full moon. Hold the crystal in your power hand (the hand you write with) and visualise a need or desire that you have while allowing energy to flow from your hand into your crystal. Keep doing this until you can feel that the crystal has absorbed your intentions and vibrations.


When programming clear quartz crystal you can hold it in your hand and visualise the energy flowing into the crystal – as you would with any other stone. But because clear quartz and take on and amplify any other energy you can focus on a specific colour. See it traveling from the universe, through your crown chakra down to your chest and arm and into the crystal. Choose a colour that relates to your intention like green for prosperity, blue for healing, pink for love, red for passion etc.


This is a sacred moment and deserves, no it demands your full focus and attention. It will help to meditate beforehand so that your mind is quiet and focused. While charging your crystals be fully present and gently guide the visualisations and energy flow. When visualising what you want to achieve, you can amplify the energy by focusing on the emotions that goes along with the achievement of the intentions that you are setting. Let them flow naturally, if you need to force the emotions you are either asking for the wrong things or asking it in the wrong manner.


You can also program your crystal by placing it in the centre of a crystal grid. Place the grid in the moonlight during the full moon, or from the new moon to the full moon to charge it with your intention. An alternative of this is to place your stone in the middle of a piece of paper and writing words relating to your intention on the page. Draw arrows around the stone that point towards the stone. Set this in the moonlight either for the night of the full moon or for the period from the new moon to full moon.


Once you have programmed your stone you can either put it in a safe space or carry it on you. I often wear them in my bra (!) but charm pouches work really well. I would avoid just randomly chucking them into your handbag (although I have to confess that I have done this a few times too!) – for some reason I believe that they need to be treated better than spare change and that random stick of gum at the bottom of your bag.


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