Creative Star Spread


Creative Star Spread


This spread will connect you to your spiritual creativity and show you how to bring it out into the physical world.

6 Cards with 3 clarifying cards.


I am an intuitive empath. For readings I connect to my spirit guides and higherSelf to ask for protection and guidance. I then invite your higherSelf to provide me the messages that they have for you.

Once the order is received I will email your reading to you within 24 to 48 hours at the latest. I generally aim to do reading as soon as the request has been made, this is really just to account for different time zones.

I will send through the basic reading (depending on what you chose) via email. Then I will draw the cards once you have received this reading, worked through it and are ready to ask some questions. Each package has a set number of clarifying cards. I will draw one card for each question that you have.

Creative Star spread:

  1. Water- The feeling.
  2. Air- The seed.
  3. Earth- The knowing.
  4. Fire- The action.
  5. Spirit- The joy.
  6. Message- How to let go and allow a new feeling.


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