Intuitive shadow healing session - 30 mins


Intuitive shadow healing session – 30 mins


Heal the things that you have been hiding from to become empowered, standing in full acceptance of yourself.


An intuitive shadow healing session is similar to the intuitive sessions- except that we spend the time focusing on working on and healing the shadow aspects of yourself. I will be there to hold a safe space for you, to guide you and support you while you explore your shadow side and fix the things that come up.


It’s like a chat… with your best friend… only, this best friend not only hears what you are saying, she hears what you are NOT saying.


I help people gain clarity and understanding of themselves, their situations, their relationships and the world around them. We are often so caught up in other people’s opinions or how we think we need to be that we don’t always manage to hear our authentic voice as it whispers softly to our soul.


As an intuitive empath I am able to hear the things that you are trying to say to yourself, but are not able (or willing?) to recognise.


Think this is all airy-fairy stuff? Ha! Yes, I was there once too. You can read about my experience here.


If you aren’t sure whether this is the right fit for you, let’s have a 15 minute exploratory call – it’s on me! Email me at to schedule a exploratory call…


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