Remembering your worth e-course


Remembering your worth e-course


This e-course takes you on a journey into Remembering your self-worth.


We have all been there: loved a little bit too hard, wanted to be loved a little bit too much. To the point of losing ourselves, neglecting our needs and forgetting our self-worth. This e-course has a guide, powerful self-healing sessions and videos that guide you through the journey of Remembering your self-worth in order to participate in the world as a confident, empowered individual with the full knowing that you are enough!

The e-course covers:

  • What is self-worth
    • Finding all your yucky bits (working with your shadow side)
    • Trigger situations


  • Getting to the root of things
    • Core wounds
    • Conditioning
    • The importance of gratitude and keeping a Gratitude Journal
    • Family patterns


  • Let’s talk about rejection
    • Rejection from others
    • Rejecting yourself


  • Victim mode and ‘Poor me’ mentality
    • Living in lack


  • Boundaries
    • What are boundaries
    • How to set boundaries
    • Upholding boundaries


  • Fear of receiving and letting go of the known


Bonus material:

  • 10 guided meditations


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