The Shadow of modern-day “Spirituality”

The Shadow of modern-day “Spirituality”

Is the “spiritual” community turning in to the same thing that drove people away from other institutions to seek spirituality in the first place? My opinion: absolutely, yes!

We are currently in a phase where spirituality, which used to be seen as the free-spirited, all loving way of life, has become just as indoctrinated, judgmental and controlling as the religious institutions of the world. How have we gotten to the point where “my spiritual path is more advanced and powerful than your spiritual path”? Why have we allowed the bastardization of sacred, ancient knowledge for the sake of “enlightenment”? At which point do we stop and say, “Enough is enough. We need to return to balance”?

Peace, love and freedom

In my opinion, a big shadow is being cast by the spiritual communities which is trapping people in a false sense of enlightenment and humility. There is a distortion of “truth” and what it means. People are using “standing in my truth” as an excuse to be nasty, judgmental, rude, disconnected, using intellectually learned spiritual practices to dismiss people’s feelings in times of grief; “Accept it as it is. The universe has its plan. It was not meant to be.” Where is the compassion? We are still human and even though there are “higher perspectives” of the bad things that happen in our lives, we are still allowed to feel the human part of ourselves and deal with our trauma in a very physical way. It is through our spiritual practices that we can deal with it with higher understanding and heal it instead of turning the trauma into wounding and victimhood.

People’s spirituality is being “measured” by what they wear, what they eat, how many courses they attend, which “gurus” they follow and so much more. Is this what it is all about? “How can you still eat meat?” I fully understand the impact that different types of food have on our body and especially our energy, but just because I choose to still eat meat does not mean I cannot be on a fully invested journey of self-exploration and spiritual understanding of myself. And this right here is the issue; there is too much focus on who is how spiritual that it has almost turned in to a competition to see who can be the most spiritual.

Spirituality has moved from how spiritual you are to how much spiritual you are

It leads to people taking course after course, frantically studying as many different practices as possible in order to stay ahead of the race for spiritual enlightenment. Never getting time to fully integrate and experience the impact that that knowledge can have in their lives. Everyone is a master these days, a guru, a yogi, a shaman. After how long of studying and practicing this particular practice or tradition do they claim to be a master? One week? One month? One year? Have they even fully integrated the understanding of what they are teaching, preaching and advocating? I don’t think so.

Will you be comfortable with an inexperienced surgeon operating on you or would you prefer an experienced surgeon with great tenure and respect in their field? So why not give the same consideration for your spiritual growth and well-being?

Be selective with who you make your Guru

But why is this happening? There has to be a reason for all of this? After all, everything happens for a reason, right? Of course. And here is my understanding of it:

We have gone through a massive shift in consciousness which has awakened latent energies within a huge amount of people, leaving them with a hunger for self-discovery. With a lack of preparation for this energy, they start searching and find some courses and practices that really help put into perspective what they are going through. This is followed by a great excitement to help everyone else around them find this same joy and love that they have discovered for themselves – a genuine sincerity to share this profound awakening with others so that they too can feel that way – and that is when the focus-shift from self to others happen. I myself got trapped in this focus-shift, so therefore I have a lot of compassion for the situation and therefore I call this a phase that we are going through now.

Due to the influx of energies, we have just ended up with thousands of newly awakened seekers who are currently in this phase where they want to learn as much as possible and have everyone else experience the bliss of self-discovery as well; so until this “new generation” of spiritual seekers move beyond the focus-shift and get back in to their own selves, we will continue to see this “self-centered selflessness”.

We need to move away from the self-centered selflessness

It is up to the “old generation” of seekers to now hold the space, globally, for this period. Guiding with love and compassion those who are currently moving through this phase. Teaching them, not by books or courses, but by action and example, what it is to live a spiritual life. A life of self-discovery, a journey inward. Encouraging them to learn and study, but also to take time to fully understand and integrate. Encouraging them to help others, but reminding them that they cannot help everyone. Encouraging them to teach and pass on their wisdom, but helping them understand that not everyone is meant to learn and discover in the same way. Encouraging them to see the beauty, truth and power in certain practices and traditions, but reminding them that no one way is superior to another, what works for one person may not work for another. Showing them that one can reach the farthest expansions of Creation while still fully experiencing and enjoying a life here on Mother Earth and all the amazing physical things she has to offer.

Rian Sprigh

Rian has been studying the world of energy for the past 15 years and in the last 7 years he turned his focus to healing and has since studied many modalities. His spiritual path is as an Andean Solar Priest of the Order of Inkari from Peru. He has integrated the practices in to his everyday life, living conscious of the energy around him. As a healer, he focuses on assisting others to find their own power by being brutally honest with themselves and challenging their beliefs, so that they may become their own inspiration, master and teacher.

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    Brilliantly expressed. Thanks for writing and sharing this.

    1. Rian

      Thanks dear. Glad you enjoyed it.

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