Life @ 108 – A space where we learn to create by changing how we resonate.

This is me, I am the owner and creator of Life @ 108. I am an intuitive empath – hence the card reading offerings on the site. Yes, I know that’s very airy fairy… but it is what it is.  I hold a 4-year degree in Psychology (although it has to be said that I am not a registered psychologist). I am a yoga teacher and also a fierce believer in Quantum physics. Through that I am a believer in the natural laws- most famous of them the law of attraction.  I have been blessed to find people along my path that have assisted me in growing and learning and changing and becoming the best version of me. Some of them are helping me to expand this website and to provide messages for those who are ready to hear them. For them I am grateful. Well, here it is: The start… It is a long journey, this path from womb to grave. This moment in infinity that our souls have determinedly chosen for the bodies into which we have been incarnated.  With the global awakening of souls come an influx of teachings and spiritual talk that is synonymous with “Light and Love” and “raised vibrations that attracts your heart’s desires”… as long as you stay in the vortex, stay positive, stay greatful.  Where is the balance, though? Where is the allowance and acceptance of us as WHOLE human beings, where both the light and the shadow self exist? Join me on a journey into everything dark and twisty and messy and uncomfortable in order to heal and grow. I invite you to come and face the bits of you that you have been hiding – even from yourself, let me guide you and help you on your journey to accept and integrate these things and you will soon see that these unmentionables never had any power anyway.  Come and sit and feel and be as you are. We have, after all, chosen to come here to have a FULL human experience. While we will be working with messy emotions we will also invite in the positive, the light and the love and to help you equip for those moments where the gratitude is not so much in the flow – all with the goal of getting beck into the flow. Every moment of every NOW. If you feel like you just need a little bit of guidance- to get some clarity on what your soul and your Self is saying to you, you might be interested in one of my readings.  If you want to find your way back to your Self, take a look at my Remembering your worth e-course  Or send me an email for more information.

I am looking forward to meeting you!


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