I am an old soul who love to bring my inner child out to play. I love feeling the earth beneath my feet and the wind caressing my hair.

  • I am a scholar of psychology (B.A. Honours).
  • I am a teacher.
  • I am a way-shower.
  • I am an empath and an intuitive.
  • I am a healer.
  • I am a lover.
  • I am…

How I can help you.

My purpose is to guide and support. I have been placed here to help people come back to their authentic selves. To connect with who they truely are, and to love who they find.

I am a fierce believer in vibrations and how we can create our own lives and the physical world around us based on your thoughts and vibrations.

I am here to hold a safe space for you to face those things that are dark and icky so that you can get rid of them once and for all. I will support you in finding healthier ways to interact with yourself and with the world.

Why me?

Two words: Lived experience.

I have been through the darkest of dark times – you can find some of my articles speaking about depression and anxiety in my blog.

I have worked haaaard to push through the dark and came out the other side. I know the way… and I would love to show you.

I know how difficult it is to keep the faith, to keep hoping, to keep persevering. Allow me to help you.

Because I have been there. I get what it takes, and I have helped many others like you.

I can show you…

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