Spiritual Growth and Manifesting Through the Art of Allowing

Spiritual Growth and Manifesting Through the Art of Allowing

After each healing session I would always channel the following words to my clients: ‘Allow this healing to ripple, it always clears at the root of where you first experienced polarity and then ripples through all the layers of Self until it reaches the last level of our experience in the physical and the body’.

Allow the healing to ripple thorough the layers until it reaches the physical and your body

I have seen this with the major planetary alignments playing out as well, we have had some major incoming energies and alignments happen since January and March 2019. We feel the incoming energies through tiredness and exhaustion at first, then as it ripples over the months, we start to see the effects as it anchors in the physical planes and the miracles and bliss and flow of sacred synchronicity is felt by all.

Are you allowing your practices/healings or the incoming shifts to ripple, or are you forcing change and wanting to see the change immediately? There is a beautiful, unfathomable, Love that governs and oversees our whole existence. The art of allowing this flow needs to become an actionable step in the physical as you completely surrender to Your highest good to unfold daily.

There is a beautiful, unfathomable, Love that governs and oversees our whole existence.

We do our part by aligning mind, body and spirit on a daily basis and asking for what we want, but the other 99% is complete surrender and trust and the work of the Universe. One of my mentors once said to me: ‘Once you start asking HOW? You are just being rude, LOL, that is none of your business’. Every new habit takes time to become your new, so even there we should soften and allow ourselves to fully REmember.

What has helped me immensely on my journey was to constantly, throughout the day, keep an open dialogue going with my Universe / Creator until I have felt my faith and trust build in the area that I was remembering. Being real and authentic in these conversations allow you to fully let go and stay in your true essence.  If you’re mad, have it out with your Universe, ask for help and Allow the healing to unfold from there. If you are confused, journal and let it all flow out until you have had your release and the path has been untangled, then Allow the healing to unfold from there.

The Art of Allowing then becomes an action in the physical experience – Allow your words, your heart and your actions to align with your highest good. We are created in the image and likeness of our Creator and through various spiritual practices it always comes back to our triad of experiences.  MIND, BODY, SPIRIT.

Are you allowing creation through all these parts of your experience? Allow the mind to wonder and dream. Allow the body to express and release. Allow your spirit to soar and deeply connect.

I received a download about two years ago where I was asked by my team in spirit to find something for mind, something for body and something for spirit to do every day for the next 30 days. I was asked to pick one thing that I wanted to manifest and keep my focus and joy on that throughout the day. The only condition was that whatever I decided to do for my triad balance should not feel like work, but actually be something that I really enjoy.

balance should not feel like work, but actually be something that you really enjoy

So I embarked on my journey with a 30 day @ home yoga challenge, meditation every evening in an Epson salt bath and manifestation affirmations throughout the day. The first two days I started to realize how “in control” of everything I wanted to be and I was wasting so much energy every day fighting myself. As I took my positive manifesting statements and said it throughout the day, at first I couldn’t even allow the words to flow from me (I wasn’t even allowing myself to create by speaking what I truly wanted to manifest).

I persisted on my challenge and everyday got easier and easier and I woke up earlier and with so much fun and joy that I didn’t care if my manifestation was coming or not, I was feeling amazing!

Without pushing it I allowed myself to completely surrender into my Vortex and it felt like bliss. On day 12 the flood gates opened and my manifestation of R50 000 (about $3500) came into full fruition in my physical reality and I was in awe. I have learned so much through this journey and have been playing more and more with manifestation and the art of allowing myself to Remember and see the magic unfold ever since.

May your journey be immensely blessed and may you allow your beautiful Soul to shine forth into every aspect of your life so you can enjoy your own heaven on earth right now.


How so you allow the flow in your life? What do you do each day to balance your body, mind and  soul? Tell us in the comments below.

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Debbie Lohrentz

Debbie-Lynn, started her awakening journey from an early age and as most lightworkers out there chose a very difficult life experience from early on. Her main goal after school was to start working so that she could pay someone to help her heal herself. Her journey started as a self-healing process and she fell in love with the process of letting go and empowering herself through various different modalities. After 12 years of healing herself she was literally pushed by the Universe to do her very first healing on her neighbour’s little girl who was having an anxiety attack. She went from years and years of training and courses, never feeling like she was ready, to being out there in service to others in a blink of an eye, seeing how she was ready all along. She has been on a beautiful journey of healing and being of service ever since. She is a healer and she loves every minute of it. Debbie is a Reiki Master, Egyptian Sekhem Master, Celestial Shaman, Crystal Reiki Master, Angelways Teacher/Healer, Psychic Guide and Way-shower.

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