How our environment can impede or replenish our joy

How our environment can impede or replenish our joy

Now that we have viewed depression from a physical stand point, let’s take a look at our environment and how it impedes or replenishes joy into our daily lives.

Family and Friends

Jealousy in these relationships is very unhealthy and also very counterproductive for growth and development in any aspect of your life and the lives of the ones around you. If you notice you get better energy from strangers than your own inner circle it’s a BIG warning sign to Run!

If you notice you get better energy from strangers than your own inner circle it’s a BIG warning sign to Run!

Now I understand with finances and lack of community support this can be difficult and take more time than you would like to make a move. But your life isn’t here to be miserable, it’s here to blossom like a flower. You can view yourself as a plant, and view the ones closest to you as other plants in a garden. How does it look, feel, smell, when you look from this perspective.  Do you feel like a flower with little pests eating holes in your leaves?

I would have compared myself to that flower when I was living in direct vicinity with individuals who did not feed my interests or emotional needs. There is a concept in healthy organic gardening called Companion Planting. It is based in chemistry between the plants, and how some aid each other’s growth and others die in the presence of another plant due to it absorbing the same nutrients or releasing things the other plant does not require.

A pretty flower flourishing in a healthy garden really has a lot to do with what’s growing around the flower. Being different than the ones you have been raised around might seem challenging but if you plant yourself with people who are like minded you can find your experience of life change completely.

A pretty flower flourishing in a garden



Do you resonate with where you live, or are you simply there because it is where you have always been? Are you bored with your routine and interactions on a daily basis? Does the level of comfort with your surroundings feel binding?

I have lived in different states and different cultural zones in America and it’s so interesting how a change of environment can change your outlook on life and also the way you are being treated on a regular basis. Societal factors, expectations, and social status contribute to living a life that does not serve you spiritually. The world would feel like a better place if everyone chased their dreams full force. It would be so cool if our friends and family supported our ideas and dreams as well but that’s not always the case.


I have worked for the best management and the worst; it’s so amazing how things can change when you are working with difficult people vs. people of integrity. You can’t chance the workplace, but you can change yourself. Applying to jobs that appeal to your desires, spiritual, and mental development or physical needs can be revitalizing.

Some jobs that are emotionally fulfilling can be working for your local recycling program, no-kill animal shelters, non-profit organizations, locally owned companies, or vacation retreats, resorts, or campgrounds. These jobs are small in comparison to corporate positions but they are out there. Being in the sun, doing what you’re passionate about, helping your community are all things that fulfill the organic soul while working a job that you don’t like dulls all aspects of your life.

Cleaning your Aura and Chakras with the 3 S’s:

The three S’s are salt, sage, and sound healing. Salt removes negative energy from you, your home, and your belongings. It can be sprinkled on the floor prior to sweeping, added to your body wash and shampoo, used for cleaning dishes, and put in your laundry detergent. This is a passive way to clear your auric field and energetic space regularly.

3 S's to replenish joy

As a self-taught specialist in Hand Massage, I love adding salt in my hand wash. Anytime I use it throughout the day it is not only cleaning my skin, but purifying the very crucial energy centres in the body. These energy centres are conductors for the physical transmission of energy healing.

As far as sage goes, I love adding rose petals and lavender to my smudge sticks, and always remember to leave windows open to allow the smoke to exit a room, home, or vehicle. Sage Goddess has a wonderful range of smudges here.

Sound healing is a great way to amplify your environment, I love crystal bowls and Tibetan singing bowls. Sage Goddess has some beautiful singing bowls here. These can be listened to in the car, while you clean, sleep, or played behind regular music simultaneously. Other sounds to cause energetic change for the better are listening to music on YouTube with Hertz frequencies such 852 hz or 528 hz. I have also noticed my wind chimes sometimes vibrate the same sounds as singing bowls and require no technology to hear. 

Sound healing to amplify your environment

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How has your environment impeded or amplified your joy? Let us know in the comments below.

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Elise Albenesius

Elise Albenesius is a self trained intuitive healer with her own multifaceted healing modality, including nutrition, native plants, massage, yoga, reiki, assisted stretching, reflexology, and a deep connection with Arch Angels. She has spent her 20’s learning bee keeping, organic farming, concepts of environmental law, carpentry, yoga, and specific teaching curriculum for progressive development of swim and soccer. She also prefers the company of animals over people and can communicate with them be it as small as a bee as large as horse, turtle, or bird.

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