Dr. Bal Krishna holds Ph.D in Yoga and Naturopathy and is associated with Yoga and Naturopathy for twenty years. He is also the Founder and Senior Yoga Teacher of nepalyogainstitute.com. He is devoted and inspired Yoga Guru, who has been teaching yoga and sharing the knowledge for a very long time. He has been writing for various print media and is deeply interested in Sanskrit Shloks.

Tegwyn has worked in the field of Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Consultations for the better part of 18 years now. She has used every divination tool at her disposal to create a healing and consultative environment within the realm of the spiritual understanding of where we all find ourselves. She has worked with many people from all types of backgrounds and in almost every field of work.
The tools that she has been using have primarily been Hand Analysis (Chirology), Tarot Consultations, Rune Consultations and many more. She works very specifically with sexual and relationship issues in many cases, but her work is not limited to this type of consultation. She has worked with and helped many regression clients over the years, and She has had the privilege of seeing how her work has helped so many people.
She is always available for online consultations.

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