Forget about thinking positive and breathing in the light and love here. It would be our honour to help you create a safe space where you can experience, really FEEL all the emotions that we are often trying to hide from.

Fear, guilt, shame, anger, jealousy, incompetence, rejection, grief.

Allow yourself to feel these emotions under our guidance. Feel them and experience them and acknowledge them so that you can start accepting them and integrating them into your being… Into your human-being.

Through accepting these messy bits of ourselves they lose the hold they have on us. The rush of other ‘bad’ emotions that they might trigger can then also be stopped. Think, for example how shame and guilt could get triggered by an outburst of anger.

Through guided sessions you will start to become more aware of your emotions and learning what triggers them. You will learn how to acknowledge them and accept and integrate them. We will work on establishing the core wounds that need healing based on the emotions that you are feeling. Our goal is to work with you to not only transmute these emotions but also to help you on your journey of healing and achieving balance and internal quiet.

Our Shadow work sessions are available as follow:

Product Rate
Intuitive session- shadow work  
15 minutes $29
30 minutes $55
45 minutes $79
60 minutes $99


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