Holding fast to the blessings

Holding fast to the blessings

Have you heard the term: “The Dark Night of the Soul”?  Many people in the New Age community have. A part of the 7 Mirrors of the Essene and recognised in other practices, such as Buddhism, it is a time when the soul meets its greatest challenges and fears.

The Dark Night of the Soul is a time when the soul meets its greatest challenges and fears.

 The universe, or God, never gives it more than it can handle, and it has gathered all the tools and wisdom with which to meet them. So holding fast to the blessings in the harder times is not a new concept.  It’s not an easy practice, but it’s one that provides very real results.

Hold fast to the blessings in the hard times

It is one’s faith that provides wisdom, and one’s gratitude that provides a reason to persist.  Being faithful is not about receiving a reward, because in the end, what you receive is what you give.

The universe can, “gift,” us with some really dark things to sort through.  I’m not talking about waiting in line at the grocery store, although this practice is applicable everywhere, because it is often about small, humble things. Remaining grateful for the little things is absolutely key when your darker times show up. That way, finding diamonds in the rough times becomes automatic, and each moment shines brighter and brighter.  Diamonds become your soil, and you become more aware of the Light. You can view some amazing gratitude journals here.

And what are blessings, anyway?

Every person’s soul defines and longs to be in its own Light.  Blessings are that which aid our souls to achieve that inner balance, and return to our highest beauty.  We are discussing Love. A stranger’s smile, a feather, an unexpected ride, or your choice to give yourself a long, delicious bath instead of a hurried shower.  Those are expressions of Love.

Expressions of love is all around you

The crucial part of blessings is that you have to be open to receiving them and aware that they are there to be received.  If you are not, they will pass you by.

Remember how your parents always reminded you to say thank you?  Well, my mom never let me forget, at least. Being grateful, and releasing your gratitude back to the universe sends the energy back out there, an energetic, “yes!  I got your message and I am a-ok with the gift sent and I would love more of the same!”  Doing acts of gratitude does this with more force. So certainly, be conscious of the message you are sending and receiving.  Your words are being heeded. In scientific circles, this idea could be related to string theory.

Staying faithful to an image, an ideal, or a standard, however, can provide problems.  Staying in the present and remaining faithful to yourself, and your beauty as a being of Light allows the imperfection of humanity.  Ultimately, this is who we are, and how we travel in this world. Otherwise, we risk hurting ourselves and others. Balancing an excellent idea and your current reality is the challenge presented to us, and the, “how,” we get a reason to be grateful.  We can give ourselves joy by remaining faithful to ourselves, and our needs, our path, and our Light, or we can cause our own suffering.

Holding fast is really learning how to allow.  To find those rocks in the river, you have to first find the river, and eventually you realise that you are the river itself, rocks and all.

Holding fast is really learning how to allow.  To find those rocks in the river, you have to first find the river, and eventually you realise that you are the river itself, rocks and all.

Rewarding yourself, giving to others becomes the same thing, since you’re all in it together–and equally as sweet.

Holding fast to blessings is about surrendering the preconceptions, and allowing yourself to be free to love everywhere, from little cracks to big gestures.  Letting go to Love is how one reaches the Light within and truly finds and keeps blessings.

This makes receiving more natural; being open signals to the universe that you are ready.  Your job is to continue making good choices, and being open to positivity and letting go of bad choices and things.  Continue to have faith in yourself each day, each moment, and be grateful for your positive choices and the fruit of your energetic choices, every moment.

That’s why it’s so important when things seem to be going all wrong, to continue to see the good, not only in other people, but in ourselves as well.  Be grateful for every single quality and moment that is positive. Following the path that seems right to us sometimes seems the wrong one to everyone else, but the inner wisdom is our faith.

This is not blind optimism; it is listening to our soul.  The depths of experience, the darkest of the dark moment will hear the Light when you shift your experience away from poor choices and embody gratitude and faith to your own energy.  It isn’t always instantaneous, but the universe is always listening to your energy. You will receive your own gifts, some day. Sometimes sooner than you expect!

The darkest of the dark moment will hear the Light when you shift your experience.

*Disclaimer: I am not promoting sex acts with children, abuse of any kind, suicide, violence, blood, or murder.  I am not responsible for immoral or illegal decisions made and/or carried out by the readers of this article. This is meant to be read and taken to heart by those with the best interests of themselves and others in mind.

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Katherine Wilson

Katherine A. Wilson is a writer, content creator, and copy-editor. She meditates with https://www.sfawakenedmind.org/ with the Enlightened Teacher Samvara, who teaches students Job Yoga; Truth Burton of https://www.thehealingstream.org/ who shares Bruno Groening's wisdom; and co-strategises for Sensitive Women Empowerment, founded by Chani Jacobson, of https://www.chanijacobson.com/, focusing on 5Rhythms-type embodiment, and an inner wisdom sacred art space. Katherine has epilepsy, loves animals, divine foods, and soaks up nature, including soothing afternoon sunbathing, particularly with a feline friend. What she enjoys most about meditation is the friends she meets on the path.

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