Energetic Consciousness Expansion

Energetic Consciousness Expansion

Consciousness and energy. Words we hear so often, but what is it? A driving force of the soul? Something that needs to grow in order for us to evolve? Could it be explained in a less esoteric way? Awareness… Consciousness is nothing more than awareness – awareness of self, awareness of what is going on around you and awareness of how it affects you as a being. So where does energy fit in to the equation?

Consciousness us nothing more than awareness.

Energy is the language of awareness. In order for us to increase our awareness, we need to increase our sensitivity towards energy. Learning to feel the subtle vibrations of your body, mind and soul, of the world around you, the world beyond our physical senses, the elements of nature, the song of the cosmos, is the only way to become more aware. Aware of what is inside of you and how to access it. Aware of how your surroundings impact you and how you can change its energy. Aware of the power of all of creation and how to harness it to master yourself and live in total harmony with the universe.

Learning to feel subtle vibrations

The energy of consciousness can be broken down in to three aspects: sub-conscious, conscious and super-conscious. The conscious part is, of course, what we are aware of currently. The sub-conscious is the parts within ourselves which we are yet to access and become aware of to bring to our conscious mind. The super-conscious is the energy outside of ourselves which we are yet to access and become aware of; also referred to as cosmic or god consciousness. The key thing to remember here is that though they are described as separate entities, it is all just one consciousness; it is only your level of awareness that makes the difference.

it is all just one consciousness; it is only your level of awareness that makes the difference

I would like now to share a practice that has come to me that helps to increase the energetic connection to the sub- and superconscious and through the increased energetic connection increase your awareness of these in order to bring it into the conscious mind.

You will need a space where you will be undisturbed for around 15 to 20 minutes. Prepare the space in any way you feel fit and comfortable; light a candle, incense, spray aroma essences, play soft non-vocal music, or even just nothing, just you. Sit in a comfortable position and just focus on your breathing, allowing your mind to calm down and become still.

  • Place your consciousness into your heart center and just become aware of this space for a while, feeling the energy of you center. Now slowly start to move your consciousness down and along your spine right to the base and just keep it there. Take your time to do this and feel your consciousness move downward.
  • Start moving your consciousness out of your base, down toward the earth. Through the surface you are sitting on, the ground beneath you, entering the earth. Take your time. Move it into the earth, feel the richness of the earth. The unseen life, microorganisms, minerals, feel the energy of the crystals and the subterranean lakes. Move deeper in to the earth, feeling your consciousness gravitate toward the center.
Take your time.
  • When you reach the center of the earth, the burning core, allow your consciousness to penetrate it to the very center and wrap your consciousness around the core of the earth, anchoring yourself there. Take as long as you need to feel this connection solidify. Then, with a single breath, bring your attention back to your heart space.
  • Now, move your consciousness up your spine towards your crown and stop once you reach it. Take your time and hold it there for a while. Then move it out of your crown and upward, through the roof above you and out in to the sky, feeling the freedom of the open air. Feel how everything is connected through the air. Keep moving higher, slowly.
  • Upward, higher, reaching for the heavens. Feel the pace picking up as you exit the atmosphere of earth, moving through space, ever upward. Passing at the speed of light now, reaching higher dimensions of light, seeing the colors of the cosmos, feeling the power of the stars. Until you reach the very center of the universe. The core of creation and pure potential. Slow down again, penetrating this core and wrapping your consciousness around it. Anchor yourself there. Take as much time as you need to solidify this connection. And with a single breath, bring yourself back in to your heart space.
  • Become aware of the channel you have created from your heart down in to the earth and from your heart up in to the cosmos. Now feel the energy of the deep earth rising up this channel and in to your heart. Feel the energy of the cosmos coming down the channel you have created and pouring in to your heart space. Allow these two energies to come together in your heart, starting to swirl together in to a sphere, dancing with each other in your heart. Let the sphere of energy grow as more energy is being fed in to it from below and from above. Growing and expanding from your heart space. Filling your torso. Growing bigger, moving through your body and your head. Moving outward, through your mental body, through your emotional body, through your spiritual body. Activating and filling these spaces with the energy of the deep earth and the high cosmos. Allow it to expand as much as you can. Feel the energy. Get to know it. And when you feel you have done enough, slowly contract the energy back in to your heart, focusing on your breathing and bringing yourself back to your physical reality.

Take a few moments and just sit in this space until you are fully integrated in to yourself again.

Allow the energies of the deep earth and the cosmos to dance in your heart center

How this practice works: the journey into the earth takes you down through the denser parts of your energy, into your subconscious. The journey up takes you through your higher energy levels and into your superconscious. Bringing the energy up from the earth and down from the cosmos into your heart, creates an energetic channel for your sub-conscious energies to start activating and moving in to your conscious mind, equally for the energy from the superconscious coming down.

The expansion of the two energies together through all parts of yourself, teaches your consciousness what the energies of your sub- and superconscious feels like, creating the awareness of it, so that it can recognize it and integrate it into the conscious mind.

This starts a profound awakening process and a great space for your spirit and soul to grow as the hidden parts of you start to come out. Your innate abilities activating and getting stronger. Your core wounds being brought to your conscious mind to be healed. Read how to heal with Earth and Water (Part 1)  and Air and Fire (Part 2) in our healing with the elements series.

Awareness of all aspects of self.

With time and practice, you will learn to make this connection in a matter of seconds and can use it in many ways. As an example, I make this connection before doing any form of energy work or channeling.

May we become ever more aware of ourselves, until we all become aware that we are one self.

May we become ever more aware of ourselves, until we all become aware that w are one self.

Have you tried this method? How did it work for you? Tell us in the comments below.

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Rian Sprigh

Rian has been studying the world of energy for the past 15 years and in the last 7 years he turned his focus to healing and has since studied many modalities. His spiritual path is as an Andean Solar Priest of the Order of Inkari from Peru. He has integrated the practices in to his everyday life, living conscious of the energy around him. As a healer, he focuses on assisting others to find their own power by being brutally honest with themselves and challenging their beliefs, so that they may become their own inspiration, master and teacher.

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