Trust your gut- what your intuition is trying to say to you.

Trust your gut- what your intuition is trying to say to you.

I think recurring life lessons are little whispers that lightly touch our ears every now and again, encouraging us to stop and pay attention.

Our intuition encourages us to Stop and Pay attention.

If I think on my own experiences there are thoughts that keep coming up, little voices inside my head telling me ‘it’s okay‘ or ‘try it this way, that way isn’t right for you’. 

Sometimes we call it a gut feeling or intuition and we may choose to listen to them or not.

Why are these whispers so important? 

I believe that these whispers is the universe (or God’s) way of guiding us.

After all we all need a set of guidelines according to which to live our lives. A moral compass that tells us when we are going off our path and forgetting who we are and what is important to us.

I also believe that these whispers that keep reminding us when we are veering off our path are sometimes saying that there as a symptom of something bigger- a need to look a bit deeper.

An unfulfilled wish or desire that we haven’t quite gotten around to yet. And if you listen when the whisper speaks, you will find that this is not just some sort of superficial thing to improve your life with, but things that your soul is calling you to hear and change.

Your intuition is your soul calling your attention to what you need to hear and change

Have you ever had a recurring dream?

You wake up and realize that you have had this dream before. It is the exact same every time.

You sit up and think on it for a few moments and perhaps if you haven’t done so already, you look up what it could mean and what it means that you have had this dream before.

Why do we not do this with thoughts and feelings that keep coming up in our lives? Why do we not dissect it and try and figure it out? Why don’t we Google it, or keep a diary about it, or speak to our friends about it, or think about it as we go throughout our day?

 Why do we not pay attention to the repetitive messages from our intuition?

Here are what the voices in my head are saying.

“Travel; but not just for the sake of going to new places, travel for broadening your horizons, view point, learnt from other people and cultures. Get out of the little box I have been in for the last 30 years.”

“Learn to feed yourself; And I am not just talking about knowing how to make a bad ass bowl of noodles… I mean learn how to nourish yourself and feed your soul through food.”

“Get more sleep; because you just know how you get…and you know that you are not your best and do not make you best choices when you are not rested.”

“Slow down and take notice of life; Take notice of what is going on around you, give thanks for all that you are and all that you have. Take time to know yourself and others and don’t live above the surface all the time. Because those people won’t always be there, you won’t always be this young and you will never have this moment back”.

“Soak in the learning opportunities around you; see everything as a chance to learn, to improve and to be better.”

“Really go after the things that procrastination has stopped you from going after and that keep you up at night. Don’t be so scared all the time to try new things, do something different or to be something more.”

“Don’t worry about the washing up.”

“And for the love of your own sanity, would you meditate once in a while please?”

Would you meditate once in a while, please!?

So will you, at the end of your day sit down and allow a few moments to just breathe?

In through your nose and out through your nose.

Feel the body rise and fall with each inhale and each exhale….

Listen to the whispers that will keep trying to tell you something…

Until you get it?

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Robyn MacGregor

Robyn is a yoga teacher and full-time holder of a normal job. She has always felt that there is more to our human condition than what we reveal on the surface and that nothing is black and white. She writes and teaches because she needs to evolve and learn about herself and feels that sometimes we can only do this when we do it for others.

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    Just discovered this site. I’m loving the subjects here immensely.

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      Thank you so much, Amber! We are happy to have you here!

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