Emotions and how they speak to our Conscious Mind 

Emotions and how they speak to our Conscious Mind 

**Note from the editor: We aim to provided a holistic approach to spiritual and emotional growth and wellness. Any and all treatments and healings should be discussed with your healer, mental health and health practitioners before hand. This article is intended to provide information and should not be  accepted as medical or psychological advice.


Our emotions have been subjected to suppression; in the education system, work environments, community gatherings and even in family and celebratory events.   Basically society seems as if they don’t want us aware of ourselves or are surroundings.   As if we are here for everyone else but ourselves.  That is simply not true no matter how indoctrinated society as a whole has become.

Medication has numbed an entire (mostly American and Asian) population of people.   The mass accepted modern medicine inclination that “care” and “numbing” equate to “healing” is VERY dangerous and obviously wrong in the eyes of any holistician, nutritionist, chiropractor, or physical therapist.  Pain, is a feeling, an emotion, of the physical body which is warning you of how to respond not ignore the area.  Without pain we would never know what is wrong with the body, where it is coming from, or what it takes to lessen the pain.

If you think very literally of your emotions as “internal feelings” it is very clear to understand why it is so important to be able to listen to these and not have them obstructed by modern pill medications or emotional disassociation (a result of emotional and physical abuse).  Emotions are our bodies’ internal dialogue system; a result of our aura field picking up on the surroundings and therefore communicating with us of what is around us energetically.  Hard to spell out or label but easy to feel.   That is why they are so important.   I have been observing my emotions for a long time now, and have come to an amazing conclusion recently about anxiety specifically.  Here is a little story of how my anxiety was reading my surroundings and protecting me.

As I was driving down the road, with beautiful mountain scenery, on cruise control in a very peaceful state; this being a 2 hour drive that I am very familiar with the route,  I noticed at two different occasions my anxiety kick in full force, for no reason, no one behind me, no thought on my mind creating the anxiety.  I wondered why?  What followed within 10 minutes (not instantly) of these anxiety spikes where police cars, radar detecting the drivers on the highway.  Wow I thought! That’s what my anxiety was! It was warning me! As someone with PTSD I have never viewed my anxiety or depression as anything but a horrible result of my upbringing, until this moment.  This has completely changed my understanding of my emotions, my intuition, and what they have been trying to tell me. These feelings were not a result of abuse or being weak, they are a warning, a guide, and our greatest protection for self preservation.   I now am viewing my depression as speaking – “you are Not in the right place”, my anxiety – “watch out, proceed with caution”, my joy obviously confirming “I am in the right place”, and my fear as standing for “false evidence appearing real”.  Giddy anxious feelings are saying “something good is to come”.

So if your overwhelmed, please take time to listen to your emotions, they change with your state of mind, the entertainment you watch, the surroundings, and the people you spend time with.  Choose the positive over the negative; though it might be lonely at times, you don’t need t exclude the world completely to feel better.  Personal boundaries allow you to feel better what is all around you.   Spend time feeling and listening to your emotions to learn how to navigate your life in a direction that takes you to happiness, instead of misery or a pill bottle. Namaste

Elise Albenesius

Elise Albenesius is a self trained intuitive healer with her own multifaceted healing modality, including nutrition, native plants, massage, yoga, reiki, assisted stretching, reflexology, and a deep connection with Arch Angels. She has spent her 20’s learning bee keeping, organic farming, concepts of environmental law, carpentry, yoga, and specific teaching curriculum for progressive development of swim and soccer. She also prefers the company of animals over people and can communicate with them be it as small as a bee as large as horse, turtle, or bird.

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