Norse Quantum Physics

Norse Quantum Physics

Is it possible that the ancient Norse knew the secrets that modern- day scientist are only now discovering?

In the Edda, a witch tells the story of how the Universe was created.

Such stories are often seen as fun, entertaining tales to explain natural phenomena, like lightning, wind, and the changing seasons.

Often, in many mythologies, there is more to the story if we look deeper. And modern scholars are beginning to realize that much of the Norse mythology held clues, like a riddle to be puzzled out, regarding actual scientific theory.

In the beginning of her tale, the witch says “Ar var Alda!” Ar (in the beginning) var (was) Alda (the noun). In the ancient Norse language, Alda means ‘A big wave’. The Norse, a sea faring culture, had many words for waves. Alda was a huge swelling wave with no crest. Just a big surge of water.

Then the witch says, “Ne svalar unir.” Ne (nor) svalar (cool) unir (unnr = little waves). Interestingly, ‘svalar’ or ‘cool’ becomes ‘schwül’ or ‘sultry’ in german, a word associated with the greek word ‘selas’ for ‘luminous’. Did they mean there were no smaller ‘light’ waves?

The witch continues with, “Þar er Ymir bygiþ.” Which means Þar er (That place where) Ymir (a name) bygiþ (built). Ymir is considered the first giant created by the meeting of fire and ice, and fed by the four streams of milk coming from the great cow, Audhumla (a symbol of the mother goddess).

These four streams of milk represent Spirit, Intelligence, Consciousness, and Poetry. The first three of these seem to go together… but what of Poetry? Why is that associated as such an important element? Well, poetry is a carefully constructed use of words to deliver a message in a particular cadence or rhyme. Words are sounds, vibrations, and to carry meaning with cadence or rhyme is the same meaning we put to ‘songs’, which are frequency specific. Poetry might be a very simplified way of saying ‘Vibration/Frequency’.

From this nourishment, Ymir then creates the first of the gods (Odin, Vili, and Ve) who kill Ymir, hack him to pieces, and form the Universe from his body. ‘Odin’ becomes ‘wōden or woeden (rage or furor), which is also used to express great passion or strong emotion. Vili translates to ‘willa’ which means ‘will’. And finally Ve, which becomes væ, which can mean ‘woe’, but it also becomes another more familiar word; ‘ye’, which means ‘you’ or ‘the self’. Is this a way to explain how Consciousness, Intelligence, Spirit, and Vibration are the source of our Will and Emotions, which are the sum total of what we call The Self?

But again, Ymir has another meaning in ancient Norse. Ymir (Ymr) means ‘A Big Sound’. Well, that’s interesting. So the Great Wave was first, huge, swelling, building… on a sea without smaller (light) waves… or a vast void of darkness. Then came ‘The Big Sound’… or the Big Bang?

Could it be that the ancient Norse had some understanding of the Big Bang theory? Many other philosophies and religions tell us that ‘In the beginning was the void, nothingness. Then there was light!’ The Norse apparently have a similar description. First comes a swelling of energy, like a building wave on a sea of darkness. Then the great wave crashes, creating a big sound (bang) that creates consciousness, intelligence, spirit, and poetry. These finally break down the great wave into smaller waves, and scatter it about to make the universe.

Quantum Physics has proposed something called ‘The Unity Field’ which may be something like the electromagnetic field, but consisting of consciousness. This field may be responsible for the ‘Observer Affect’, which suggests that observation is required to cause reality to collapse from quantum probability to singular reality.

In other words, observation (conscious will) causes the quantum wave function (the probability waves of energy) to collapse (break down) until it settles into a single reality (creates the Universe).

Think about it.

Lliam S. Herneson

Lliam S. Herneson AKA: The Quantum Witch Solitary Witch, Runemaster, Tarot Artist, Reader, Author, and IT Professional. As both an IT Professional with a BSIT Degree, and a Solitary Witch, Lliam has spent many years at the crossroads of science and mysticism. While many think science and magic are polar opposites, Lliam assures you, they’re not. He call himself ‘The Quantum Witch’ because he views magic in the same terms that Carl Sagan once noted… “Magic is just science we don’t understand yet”. We have so much to learn about this universe we live in, that most of the ‘unexplained’ phenomena are simply things we have yet to understand. We might think of them as magical or metaphysical in nature, but in reality he thinks it can all be explained… once we have a better understanding of what it is we are witnessing.

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