Manifestation, magic and Quantum physics – are they all just saying the same thing?

Manifestation, magic and Quantum physics – are they all just saying the same thing?

‘Ask, believe, receive’, ‘Your thoughts create your reality’, ‘Be careful what you wish for’. These are all sayings that have become a natural part of many people’s vocabulary. Advocates of manifestation and the Law of Attraction tell you to visualise something, really feel it, and you will receive it. Workers of magic use the same principle to infuse their spells with energy to create a desired outcome. But what does this have to do with quantum physics, you say? Well, scientists have recently found that ‘an observer’s’ thoughts changes the way sub-atomical particles behave. Basically they have proven that your thoughts could (and actually do) influence and create the physical world around you.


Law of attraction.

While there are a number of Universal Laws (also known as Spiritual Laws or Laws of Nature) that all influence the lives, situations and circumstances that we manifest in our lives, the Law of Attraction is the most well-known. Generally when people speak about the law of attraction they often include concepts of the other laws like the Laws of Vibration and Resonance – perhaps even without realising it.


The premise of the Law of Attraction is that your thoughts create your reality. Practitioners visualise their desires while infusing the visualisation with emotions, with the feelings of ‘already having it’ and with gratitude of receiving that which is asked for.


According to James Malins, the Wisdom Guide, “The law of attraction is an internal law that everything uses consciously and unconsciously. Once you start to become aware of your own creative ability you use desire, visualisation, emotion and action to bring your desires into the physical reality you live in”.


Magical energy work.

In the book Wicca: The Complete Craft, D.J. Conway defines magic as “the drawing down of energy from another realm and using that energy to create and shape a desired result. The Witch must create the result on the Inner Planes in order for it to follow universal laws and manifest on the physical plane”.


This does not only relate to practitioners of Wicca, but to all practitioners of witchcraft. Melanie Marquis, in her book A Witch’s World of Magic

instance, the belief that our conscious intentions and symbolic actions can sway the inner workings of the world around us”.


Quantum physics with special reference to wave function collapse.

Quantum physics might seem a bit intimidating at first but when you dig a bit deeper it offers amazing and interesting theories of understanding how the universe works. The field of quantum physics investigates the characteristics of the world around us right down to the subatomic level (or things we cannot see).


Quantum physicists have discovered that everything in the universe, everything that is seen and unseen, is all made up of energy – referred to by some as ‘light’. Some quantum physicists speak about wave forms of probabilities. These ‘probabilities’ have the potential of being any infinite amount of things that, could or will or may happen or not happen.


A bit confusing, huh? Bear with me… every ‘probability’ that ever existed, currently exist or will exist in the future is a wave form. As to date no one has figured out how these wave forms are made or where they come from, but they have proven that they exist.


Most of us know that everything is made up of molecules, which consists of atoms, what quantum physicists found is that these atoms are made up of sub-atomical particles which include photons, leptons, electrons, neutrons and quarks etc, which are made up of pure energy or light. This discovery stems from Albert Einstein’s discovery of E=MC². In short, it proved that everything is made up of pure energy or light.


Quantum physics has thus proven what Rumi said in the 13th century: that “you are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop”. Basically we exist in this ocean of energy made up of the same energy as we are.


Through observation and research quantum physicists have proven that everything in the universe is vibrating frequency of energy (can you say Law of Attraction?) which then combines with energy of similar frequencies to create the physical world or our perceived reality. Thus everything around us are not solid things, but forms made up of pure, vibrating energy – all connected to each other.


What does all of this have to do with manifestation and magic? I’m getting there, I promise…and it is very interesting!


Around 1927 Neils Bohr collaborated with quantum physicists and theorist in what is called the Copenhagen Interpretation. The experiment found that sub-atomical particles are not only particles but exist and are made up of both wave forms and/or particles – but they could not exist in both forms simultaneously.


The Copenhagen Interpretation also found that energy is waves and when given attention, or observed, all wave forms collapse and particles, or matter, is formed. The person paying attention to, or observing, the particles determine whether they are (or turn into) waves or particles. If the observer expects to see the energy as waves s/he would, but then if s/he expects to see particles that is what would be observed.


To clarify that: sub-atomical particles take on form as matter based on the thoughts or believes that an observer has about them. Thus our thoughts literally create the material (and non-material) world around us as we turn wave forms of ‘probability’ (or something ‘spiritual’) into particles or bits of matter (‘reality’).


To dig a bit deeper, let’s speak about Quantum Entanglement. Scientists broke some sub-atomic particles in half (or separated them). When they did this they found that the pieces could communicate with each other. This communication happened instantly, no matter how far the ‘pieces’ were removed from each other. On a side note: Cleve Baxter proved this with DNA and found that DNA taken from an individual responded and reacted to the emotions of that person at the exact moment that s/he experienced the emotions, no matter how far they were apart.


This proved that energy does not need to travel. That it is all connected and messages and information can be sent instantly.


To sum up all the jargon: quantum physics has proven that your thoughts create they world around you- and that this can happen instantly. Because all sub-atomical particles exist in a form of ‘probability’ the only thing that influence what it turns into is the observer- you!


Energy work has been part of human cultures nearly since the beginning of man. Shamans, sages and holy-men have energy manipulation in one form or another for centuries- millennia even. Whether you call it manifestation, magic(k) or quantum physics, it seems that they are all the same and they all come to the same conclusion: that you are the creator of your universe.

Juanita Pienaar

Juanita Pienaar is a citizen of the world, recently settled back down in her home country, South Africa, after spending time traveling and living in Asia and Africa. She has a passionate love affair with the ocean and loves to share that passion by teaching scuba diving. She is a yoga teacher and fully believe in finding the balance in life. She has recently discovered the joy and freedom of wearing yoga pants ‘out-and-about’. Juanita loses herself in the written and spoken word.

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